8 Tips-Take Precautions and Enjoy the Monsoon Rains


We should take carefully of monsoon, because these days many health problems associated with them. The often ill arena. To avoid all these problems

Catering and cleaning you should take particular care, health precautions
with a little rain can make enjoyful season.

8 Tips-Take Precautions and Enjoy the Monsoon Rains So let know how:8 Tips-Take Precautions and Enjoy the Monsoon Rains

  • The weather is very wet in the rains seems so thirsty yet low enough water and
    liquid diet.
  • Breakfast you start the morning with green tea sprouts, analogies, Oats Idli
    or make toast. Green tea contains antioxidants to protect it from the
    environment Pradusit.
  • Lunch fried in oil or avoid eating fried, with vegetable and lentil salad,
    cucumber Raita and can mix flour chapattis. Missy is rich in nutrition
  • Shake 4 pm in the evening bike found in the market these days is the mango
    and papaya. Papaya is a good source of vitamin A is the way.
  • Soup seems too good health as well as taste Mix soup Vag. monsoon is good,
    that you can include in the daily routine.
  • Dinner salad with dinner at night, definitely take fruit salads, as well as light
    meals with plenty of seasonal vegetables is beneficial.
  • Must drink milk before going to bed, but keep in mind not drink cold milk.
    Take lukewarm milk with a pinch of turmeric make it, it is very beneficial
    for skin.
  • Fruit salad as a daily food, not eat outside food. road side stalls especially
    on health spoiling is delivering dishes.