A Girl is a Tough Word


Can’t the legally made laws be changed now in this 21st century of modernization and development? Or is it still the stereotypical minds of people who call themselves modern but unfortunately aren’t with their devastating thinking and mind set which only leads to backwardness of the country. Which world are we living in still? Where a typical girl is not allowed to work and as the graduation completes the forcement of their families trying to burden her to marry? Have you ever asked is she ready for so? Or does she want to have a career in making? Instead of supporting her to make a career and her life she is been forced to marry and have children later on the as the only desire after marriage ones in-laws would have. Half of the life she has not stayed at her place instead of her so called husbands place. Just she started to know everyone in her family, their likes, dislikes and on the other side she has to move out of her own house and know her in-laws and bear their tantrums for becoming the perfect ‘Bahu’. Just when she was trying to know the world through her college life she is been pushed to just one side of the world where only her husband, in-laws, marriage, her future kids will reside throwing aside her own life where she came from what is her aim in life what she desires and wishes for all has to go in a waste bin just to impress her one sided living family and keeping in mind of her own house and family because ultimately what she does is the replicate of what her parents and family has thought her. Unbelievable society we live in where still the girl who is more educated has to bear this all keeping in mind the emotional approach of her family.

A Girl is a Tough WordWhen is that girl going to listen to herself because first is her parents and family she listens to then later on her husband and his family to eventually she has to accept her family too(till death with the saying ( ab yahi uska ghar hai marte dum tak aur yahi se uski asthia uthegi ab ) and then her kids and even if that is also not less then of her daughter-in-law or grand children. Why has to she always keep on listening to others and not of herself just because the Hippocratic society and so called log kya kahege title demands her to?

When will the day come when she will be asked of her dreams and someone just to support it simply and be by her side all time in favour of her? What else after this would she simply demand? Just nothing! Marriage is definitely important for life if one wishes to at one point of his/her life but it can’t be someone’s life and this ‘sweet simple logic’ society needs to understand when it’s high time for them calling themselves modern but unfortunately they aren’t, it’s sad but true. Every now and then, articles or news flashes this girl did so and so because she was forced to marry someone. Has marriage become so important that we have lost our thinking capacity over years from past? Even if the society doesn’t support her but the only support she needs of her family which would do wonders to her if someone ever pin points her for not marrying even at 21 or 31. There will come a time when she will find her life partner but till then you just can’t blame her for rejections she got or she doing vice versa when she rejects a guy for marriage while their meetings. For every person there is someone made and there is a thing called destiny, which will make her meet the one.

Till then can’t we be quite? And make her career and see her growing in life because that’s what you have always made her , said her to become and keep progressing’. Was that progressment only for terms like “marriage”? When is her education and knowledge be useful, in growing up a kid of her or by taking care of her in-laws? She was not definitely made for this only. Her life demands something more then this and so does she. What if her own family doesn’t support her will she get support from her in-laws? Never ever! Firstly a girl is not allowed to work in a typical Indian family and if she is been working then after marriage either you leave your job or us, demands of her in-laws just because she is not giving excess time to her household chores or before marriage demands or questions of her in-laws in so called pre-marriage meetings ‘Kaam karogi shadi ke baad’, ‘Acha toh ghar kaise sambhalogi’?.

Get a life dude we are girls of 21st century we can adjust or for a change you adjust and get a life please by changing your mind set. And nothing then ‘Raat ko der se nai ana and ghar ka sara kaam karke jana’ Excuse me! Have you ever told this to your own son? No? Right! Then why me, just because I’m not your own daughter and your so called ‘Bahu’ or ‘Ghar ki bahuo ko maryada me rehna chahiye warna humare rishtedaar kya kahege’.

Can girls get out of this junk and she can ‘alt+ctrl+delete’ such kinds of people and drama? Can we girls shout out to the law to support us for this or just a simple doing of making a unity to support such girls out there in our society and not people ruin our lives from further? And if, for a change society changes by that time and you allow her to do of her self she has already given up because it was too late for you’ll to wake up for her realization and pride in society, which she never demanded but needed for survival. Because she fought, she cried, she gave her all to achieve her everything and every dream to which she lacked your support. Behind her smile was her hatred and anger for you. Behind her simplicity is her frustration for you all.

A Girl is a Tough Word And after her so much bearing, she doesn’t demand life. She demands death, rather then the dying of each day. What she demanded was that too much for her family to give her? Actually she was wrong, to demand the unexpected from the one’s who she called her own right from the time of her birth. Why have you educated your girls if you can’t fulfil her later demands to work just because later on she wont get a guy to marry or what people would say for her that she is still not married? Why since childhood have you not thought her that you aren’t the ones whom she has to be calling her family atleast she would have not been so attached to you? And why haven’t you said her that you weren’t the ones she relied on to fulfil her dreams? A thought taught from childhood would have been better rather then been thought at her later stages of life. This is a sweet simple but heartbreaking letter from that twenty-one year old girl to her society and especially to her family. She only needed you and your support and not those thousands of people or their support.

She relied on you for her dreams and you betrayed her. She needed her family but they ditched her for society. ‘Log kya kahege aur sochege’ has become now more important, “aree logo ka toh kaam hi hai kehna aur log kya sochege yeh bhi agar hum sochne lage toh woh bhala kya sochege fir?” THINK ON IT!