The Adventure of Palchingiri Begins: A Sci-Fi Movie by 13 year old Twins


Udaipur teenage twins make a sci-fi movie with VFX at home

Pal & Chin Vardhman of Udaipur ( Rajasthan) are two twin kids who have made a sci- fi  film of an hour long “The adventure of Palchingiri begins”. You are not going to believe it if we will tell you their age. Two twins are only 13 years old.

This is the age where most children don’t have idea about their future that what they want to do and they only enjoy their childhood. Pal & Chin have given a different definition of enjoying which opened many opportunities to make their future bright.

Instead of following others, they made their own way.

The said movie of them have won Platinum Reel Award ( student category) at Nevada Film Festival, USA & beside this it was screened at various International & National festivals including at San Diego Film festival ( USA), International Kids Film Festival Hyderabad & National Children Film Festival, Jaipur.

We got an opportunity to speak Young Cinematic Turks & they shared to us  ‘ Like other kids we too used to be immersed in the world of animation & games. One day our Father said ‘ why don’t you let the world watch your animation instead of two of you watching animation all day’.

The Adventure of Palchingiri Begins: A Sci-Fi Movie by 13 year old Tweens
Pal and Chin

The Boys then started surfing various tutorials related to animation. Within A Year they developed a few animated games.

Also Pal did a short advanced course at MAAC (A Ketan Mehta promoted animation institute), Mumbai beside screenplay course from Mumbai Digital Academy.

In Pal & Chin words – ‘That course opened a new vista to our cinematic dreams & aspiration and further it boosted their confidence to make a movie’.

For the Film, the Boys turned their Home into A Studio. A simple cannon camera, house hold lights, baggage trolley, a piece of green cloth & their computer were the equipment used for shooting. Pal, Chin, their  Mother Manju & the Pet Tiger were there star cast. Beside being lead actors they also doubled up as spot boy, lightman, cameraman, VFX & animation designer, costume designer & Director.

They skipped school for Three Years to pursue their passion of Film Making and they worked non stop for months, spent sleep less nights & their hard work has finally borne fruits.

A salute to their Milestone & let they achieve more & more and Keep Making spiritual pride Udaipur city & the Nation.

Don’t miss to watch their movie on Youtube ‘ The Adventure of Palchingiri begins’ which is available from January 14,2017 onwards.

The Adventure of PALCHINGIRI | Official Trailer | Pal Vardhman, Chin Vardhman