Ahar Cenotaphs- Udaipur


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Ahar is a small town in the Udaipur district of Rajasthan. The place is famous for being the cremation ground of the rulers of Mewar. Today, it is also renowned as an archeological site that offers interesting facts to archaeologists and research scholars.


Cenotaphs still boast the courage and valor of the rulers of Mewar. People visit this place to pay homage to the great rulers.Ahar has more then 19 Cenotaphs of kings, who were cremated here. The architecture of the roofs are embellished with ornamentations that will remind you of the 15th century temples. The Cenotaph which is dedicated to Maharana Amar Singh is most arresting. These Cenotaphs are made with the marbles and possess the finest carvings. Many a times , the charm of this place has been presented in the movies of Hollywood. In the complex, you can trace some small and intricate tombs of ancient times. These remnants support the fact that Ahar has been crucial part of bygone era. In the late 1990’s, Arvind Singh Mewar took the initiative to reinstate the cenotaphs of his ancestors. This place has now become a major attraction for the tourists. In close proximity to this complex, there is a small museum that has a rare collection of antiques.

Cenotaphes Ahar Udaipur
Cenotaphes Ahar Udaipur

Ahar Museum is also a very good place to visit and I personally recommend to visit it once.

Archeological Museum in Ahar is another attraction that is gaining popularity these days. This museum is made to preserve the excavated items of the ancient period by the Government. This museum houses an unusual assortment of antiques that dates back to the 10th century. Here you can see earthen pots, iron objects and other artifacts that used to be part of the lifestyle of primordial people. The museum doesn’t comprise many things, but these unusual things are really worth seeing