Aisa Hai Mera Desh | Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh : Rajasthan


Isn’t it a great beginning to start writing the blog for the page which itself offered me to write so. Isn’t that a compliment to myself and appreciation to the person who has given me this great opportunity to be a blogger for their respective page “@RajasthanBlogger”.

And lastly, isn’t it a tribute to the place for which I’m suppose to write here. This all together embarks a great start at the end of this year. This also proves the saying ‘Endings are not necessarily bad or just an end’.

It can mark a new beginning too for the one’s who have the ability to see something great, positive and enthusiastic in everything they do. It’s all about a persons vision which leads them somewhere in life.Aisa Hi Mera Desh | Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh : Rajasthan

Now why have I chosen Rajasthan to write as my very first blog left me also clueless for some while but then I just came across my photography pictures which lead me to the answer of all my questions been asked by me to myself.

Rajasthan, what can I say something very unique  about this place which no one has ever heard. But I’m sure my experience is different from all other. Being a Marwadi and that too from Rajasthan is no less to be proud about.

Right from it’s culture, traditions, religion, locations, etc. is all known by people today by thousands of websites, videos, pictures been portrayed on social platforms of 21st century. But what these social media can’t give is one’s personal experience of the same unless and until it’s been written by oneself to express deeply their feelings and emotions.Aisa Hi Mera Desh | Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh : Rajasthan

Rajasthan rightly in my head it goes as my ‘sthan’ where i can ‘raj’, the derivation I can take out from it’s name. The place is so close to my heart since my childhood as it’s my native place.

There is something so catchy in it’s wind that everyone staying or visiting the place here would feel to stay back and never leave. It’s culture is so vibrant that anyone would want and try to adapt it as their own.

The traditional people staying out there attire so richly that the feeling is no less than that of a prince and princess or a king and queen. The language is so sweet to hear that anyone would love to learn or hear from them.

The food style is so desi that the day is not far when it becomes the new swag or more of ‘Desi Food Swag’. Talking about forts, almost every famous city in Rajasthan has fort which are worldwide famous for their integrity, elegancy and keeping their cultural touch in it. Talking about music it’s so soothing to hear always that even puppets tend to dance on that with grace.

Temples reflect the artistic excellence of the sculptors and mirror the creative magnificence of the stone carvers of yester years and are known for their architectural works worldwide. If it’s Rajasthan and forts, dessert, temples, spicy desi food, music, folks, camel, traditions, culture, puppet show, architectural work, ghagra, choli, ghoomar, etc., such names are not taken then what crosses your mind. Aisa hi hai mera Rajasthan. Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh.


  1. Congratulations on your first blog.. Short but sweet description about your very own native Rajasthan.. Waiting for more blogs from you in future …

    All the very best..