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Ummaid Bhawan

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Jaswant Thada Jodhpur

Jaswant Thada
Jaswant Thada

Close to the fort complex, lies Jaswant Thada. This 19th century royal cenotaph built in white marble in commemoration of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II and three other cenotaphs, stand nearby. The cenotaph of Maharaja Jaswant Singh holds the rare portraits of the rulers and Maharajas of Jodhpur. A visit inside the cenotaphs, with some villagers of the region, would bring forward the reverence they still hold for their brave kings

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Ummaid Bhawan
Ummaid Bhawan

The romantic looking Umaid Bhawan Palace was actually built with the purpose of giving employment to the people of Jodhpur during a long drawn famine. The royal family of Jodhpur still lives in a part of the palace.Another part of the palace houses a well-maintained museum, displaying an amazing array of items belonging to the Maharaja and the royal family – weapons, antiques & fascinating clocks, crockery and trophies

Government Museum Jodhpur

Jodhpur Government museum
Jodhpur Government museum

This museum has a rich collection of weapons, textiles, miniature portraits, local crafts and images of Jain Tirthankars. It is situated in the middle of the Umaid public gardens.

Rai-ka-Bag Palace


This palace is situated near Raika Bag palace railway station. It was constructed in 1663 by Hadiji, queen of king jaswant Singh-I. King Jaswant Singh-II liked this palace very much. He mostly stayed in the octagonal bunglow of this palace. In 1883 when Swami Dayanand Saraswati came to Jodhpur, his sermons were arranged for the public in the public ground of this palace. Even Jaswant Singh used to listen to Swami Dayanand in this palace only. Now income tax office functions in this palace.

Umed Garden Jodhpur

Umed Garden
Umed Garden

Umed garden covers an area of 82 acres. developed by Maharaja Umed Singh, it has green lawns, towering Ashoka trees, roses and seasonal flowers, museum, fountains, library and a zoo.In 1978 ‘Walk-in Aviary‘ was constructed there one could see different types of birds, local, African and Australian parrots, ducks, rabbits etc; in their natural environment. There are large cages for bears, foxes, deers, lions leopard etc. It is place frequented by children and adults with equal interest

Raj Ranchhodji Temple

It was made by queen Jadechi Rajkanwar after the death of her husband, king Jaswant Singh. Major Part of the temple is made of red sandstone, carved with beautiful filigree work. The heart of the temple has the statue of Ranchhodji made of black marble.It has green, yellow and blue glassess fixed on its main door.

Siddhnath Shiv Temple

Siddhnath Shiv temple is located between Takhat Sagar hills. On the road going from the right of filter house on Jodhpur-Chopasani Road, on crossing the stairs made by cutting rocks, one can reach Siddhnath temple. Many years ago it was an absolutely deserted place. And because of that, a hermit Veetragi Narain Swami started staying here. He was a highly worshipped and respected saint, known in the nearby areas. Once a handicapped saint named Gaurishanker, later known as Nepali Baba, came to this place. He had only four fingers in each of his hand and foot. He made a big temple by cutting stones, which is now known as Siddhnath.

Ganesh Temple

The area which is called Ratanada was named after a dog called Rata. About 150 years ago a teacher Radidas in a place called Gorunda saw a statue of Vinayakji in the hills of Ratanada. The statue is eight feet high and five feet wide.

Mandore Gardens

Mandore Gardens, Mandore is a popular attraction, the first capital of Marwar was the Kings. It is famous for its long corridors of stone, which attracts tourists from all over the country. Here the visitor can also see the monuments of the former rulers of Jodhpur.
Unlike traditional style parasol shaped like a Hindu temple These monuments were created or Dewal. The four-storey red sandstone Dewal and columns decorated with beautiful cycles. Maharaja Ajit Singh Dewal is most attractive because it is located in a beautiful garden.
Here are the names of two of the three hundred thousand pilgrims and Hall of Heroes Hall, are located near Mandore Gardens. Three hundred thousand Hindu shrine is decorated with various colorful images. Paladin Hall of Heroes is dedicated to folk heroes. Visitor’s sculptures of these heroes, from the rock intricately carved and painted bright colors, can see.
Mandore Gardens from the top of the hill can be seen parts of the city were destroyed. Queens and beautiful monument, located near the hill.


65 Kms from Jodhpur, lies ruins of an ancient city called Ossian. This city is famous for Brahmanical and Jain temples, which belong to 8th and 11th century. Surya or Sun temple and the Sachiya temples are famous for their beauty. The shikhar of Sachiya temple is clustered by two rows of turrets, an ambulatory and a large assembly hall with an elaborate ceiling. This town which was once a great trading centre is an oasis and houses an abundance of peacocks. The largest of the 16 Jain and Brahmanical temples is dedicated to Mahavira, the last of the Jain tirthankars. In the same area the Surya temple has fascinating images of Durga, Surya and Ganesh. The sculptural intricacy of the Osian temples rival that of any of the famous temples of the country, be it the Sun Temple of Konark, or the Hoysala temples of Karnataka.

Balsammand Lake & Palace

Balsamand Lake, 1159 E 0 by Balak Rao Parihar, Jodpur- Mandore Road is located. First, the lake served as a reservoir for the Mandore. It is surrounded by a green garden where jackals and peacocks are found. Balsamand Lake Palace is located in the lake. The palace of the royal families of Jodhpur as a place to get a summer respite service. With traditional Rajputana architectural style, the palace is one of Jodhpur’s famous heritage hotels.There is such a place at Mandor in Rajasthan .The 19th Century sandstone palace built on a hillock facing Balsammand lake is one of such places that’s definitely going to win your heart.

History Of Balsammand Lake & Palace

The palace was created by Maharajah Sur Singhji, as a summer pavilion. It is very finely carved with latticed windows that allow the soft, cool breeze to blow into the interiors of the palace. The embankments of the lake, in front of the palace, have domed structure that offers fabulous views of the lake encircled by hills. An artificial cascading waterfall, brings water down from the reservoir to the gardens. Mandor, is a part of Jodhpur but it enjoys the calmness by being far from the city crowd.
The rooms and suites, the entire ambience here makes one feel as if you are staying in a royal palace. One can even enjoy a walk through the trees, the rose beds, pools covered with lilies and the groves of mango, plum, banana, pomegranate and so on. One will also get to see the peacocks, blue bulls, jackals and hundreds of flying foxes (fruit bats) in the trees.

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