Desert Ki Rani – Queen Harish


Desert Ki Rani – Queen Harish:- We have seen many famous lady Dancers but when you would come to know about a male Dancer who dance like a lady and cheer his audience then we cannot say it is normal. Here we are sharing the life of Queen Harish with our readers, who is a very famous Dancer all over the world. He Dance like a lady wearing the Rajasthani female cloths and he Dance better than any female dancer worldwide. He is basically from Jaisalmer and when he Dance, all the guys watching him becomes crazy. His fans are worldwide and people want to watch his Dance instead of a lady Dancer.Desert Ki Rani - Queen Harish

About his Journey to Become a Most Wanted Dancer from a Normal Man

Queen Harish’s original name is Harish Kumar and his fans gave him a title of Queen. He took birth in a small village of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. He has faced the extreme poor condition in very small age and worked as a bread earner for his family. Later on, he realised his passion and his talent. After school he continued his work of delivering letters to earn money and also joined a Dance troupe. He got many rejections in start then his hard work made his dreams come true. Then his dance dragged him to Mumbai and then he got a lot from the fans which was never expected by him. He don’t dance only in Jaisalmer and Mumbai but he is famous for his Dance worldwide. He do shows in different countries and according to our knowledge , he has done his Dance shows in 56 countries. His fan followers are worldwide and crowd get crazy when he perform. He also participated in Belly Dancing championship in Seoul, Raqs Congress in Brussels and Desilicious in New York. He has also participated in the famous show “India’s Got Talent” on Colors. The latest news about his greatest achievement is that he performed in a Bollywood movie Jai Gangaajal which was released in 2015. He worked together with the Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. He performed on a song sung by Richa Sharma, shot at a desi theka. The Director of the movie Prakash Jha said , “When Queen Harish dressed up like a woman , she is so beautiful and he is so fast than he finished the song from start to end , all in just four hours.”

Speciality of his Dance

Queen Harish is a best whirling Dancer of India along with a fabulous belly Dancer. He is mainly known to set fire on the stage and his feet becomes invisible just like a blade of fan. He is very fast and he mostly seen wearing heavy Ghagra which is the traditional attire of Rajasthani culture. When he bent backwards , it is a fabulous moment because no one can do that like him.Desert Ki Rani - Queen Harish

About his personal life

Apart from being a fabulous Dancer, Queen Harish is also a great personality. We have personally talked with him and we realise that with being a fabulous dancer , he is polite with everyone and respect others. We contacted him through social media and he talked very nicely and shared his experience. After talking with him, personally i respect him a lot. We are sharing the original pictures of him which he shared with us.

All we learn and get a message from Queen’s life is ” If you have will to do something then it doesn’t matter what is your sex and where are you from. Your hard work will let you become a successful person and your sex cannot stop you from achieving your dreams, either you are male or female”.