Exotic Jaipur – The Maharaja’s City


Exotic Jaipur forms the golden triangle that also included the Delhi and Agra. Jaipur is the capital of the Rajasthan, it is a bustling business center that provides all the facility provided by a modern metropolis. Yet, it is the age-old charm of Jaipur that can really an unexpected city for any traveler. After all, old Jaipur is a city that is painted in the Pink color that remains a reminder of its legacy of liaison and Courteousness. Jaipur is a city that was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in 1744 A.D. 

exotic Jaipur

The city is a proof of his strong grounding in science as well as astrology. Jaipur is the city known for its history, forts, gardens, places and monuments. The not to be missed structure remains the Hawa Mahal which is the landmark of Jaipur city.

exotic Jaipur

Hawamahal built by in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. It is the unique five-storey exterior structure that remains known for its 152 windows located on every floor.

It was basically designed for the royal ladies or queens to watch the royal ceremony, function and processions and other activities in the Jaipur city, without being seen themselves by the common public of city. The windows are designed in a way that everything can be easily or clearly seen from the inside, but it is impossible to see anyone from outside the Hawa mahal.

Jaipur is a city also known for its forts. This includes the Nahar fort, Amber Palace, Jaigarh fort, and City Palace. These are a living example of the rich history of Jaipur city.

exotic Jaipur
The City Palace Inside View

If You cannot come to Jaipur and not do shopping in this city. This is a city that offers to bustle with trinkets, footwear, apparel, gems and practically everything else. Jaipur is also known as The Pink City.

exotic Jaipur

You will find here a lot of miniature sculptures made from the same stone. This city is also known for its gems and jewelry made from semi-precious stones.

Next is the typical Indian clothes made from “Bandhani”, a type of tie-and-dye a technique to color the clothes and give them a unique appearance. You can reach Jaipur from Delhi by air, rail, deluxe bus or cab. But while in the Jaipur, it is best to use the “rickshaw“. It is affordable, cheaper and perfect for taking you around in the narrow bylanes of Jaipur. 

This is a truly unique way to enjoy, explore and experience the real Jaipur.