Explore the Beauty of Rajasthan – The Jewel in India’s Crown

being a rajasthani


Despite the fact, we all know that Rajasthan acquires the largest land area among all states of India. It does, not only stand first for its landmarks but holds an important position for encouraging tourism in India too. Mostly tourist visits India just to explore the beauty of Rajasthan, for one who loves traveling, exploring new places, it’s the best place to visit in.

Whether we talk about the beautiful or fascinating places like lakes of Udaipur surrounded by the high range of Aravali mountains, most prominent thar deserts, well known national tiger reserves, forts, palaces or  Mount Abu the only hill station, each one has performed its role to draw the maximum crowds attention.

One could get even more attracted to the place by having its flavorsome food, centuries-old traditional folk dances, and moreover, more popular traditional clothes, handmade jewelry and antique collection, Rajasthan as a whole is a combination of all these.

Explore the Beauty of Rajasthan - The Jewel in India’s CrownWhile talking more about Rajasthan, here are points that one could proud of:
  1. Rich Cultural Heritage –  Rajasthan has marked its importance in enriching the culture heritage of India that it has preserved till date. Its artistic and cultural traditions, the pilgrimage sites and glimpses of village life can be seen in the varied topography of its land. People from diversified groups belonging to different caste, religion, and tribe celebrate their unique culture and beliefs in form of festivals, through regional dance and music.
  1. Explore the Beauty of Rajasthan - The Jewel in India’s Crown The  History – The name of Rajasthan (Land of kings) was probably popularized because of the brave kings who sacrificed their lives in sake for preserving their territories from outsiders. Rajasthan truly acknowledges their contribution and being Rajasthani one should proud of it.

Like every city in Rajasthan has its unique past to boost upon, the forts, palaces, and temples situated here narrate the story of the great warriors who are still recognized for their courage and love for their land.

  1. Art and crafts – Rajasthan has become famous worldwide in the field of arts and craft Whether we talk about its jewelry, painting, furniture, leather ware, pottery, metal craft or hand-printed textiles each of them has made a wonderful impact and helped in the economic growth that should be appreciated.
  2. Dance and Music – Traditional music and dance have its own importance and when we talk about the folk music and dance of Rajasthan immediately the name that strikes your mind is Ghoomar from Udaipur and Kalbeliya from Jaisalmer which are recognized at international level now. The vibrant and graceful folk music of Rajasthan includes Kathputli(puppet show), Bhopa, Chang, Teratali, Ghindar, Tejaji, etc. that truly depicts Rajasthani culture.
  1. Explore the Beauty of Rajasthan - The Jewel in India’s Crown Facts about Rajasthan – Talking more about Rajasthan, it has done a tremendous job by contributing in P.M Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by making a maximum number of toilets in rural areas. Rajasthan has also shown great efforts in making Jaipur and Udaipur it’s two well-known cities to be ranked in India’s top 20 smart cities by showing major contribution in the smart city plan.

It even beats Gujarat when we talk about India’s biggest solar energy plant. According to some latest facts the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Rajasthan have become number one in generating solar power in India. Rajasthan is also ranked as the highest supplement of marbles in all over India.

  1. Famous personalities – The land is not only famous for its history but is the birthplace of many famous personalities too. They not only have made Rajasthan be proud of them but contributed in raising the nation’s pride as well. Pratibha Patil, Lakshmi Narayan Mittal, Jagjit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Irrfan khan, Sakshi tanwar and much more are such well-known personalities who have shown their excellence from the work they have done.Explore the Beauty of Rajasthan - The Jewel in India’s Crown
  2. Architecture – The people from all over the world came to visit the beauty of the well-known forts, palaces and the sculptures that are still preserved and maintained. Whether it’s about the Kumbhalgarh wall which was stated as the second largest wall after great wall of china or talk about the famous Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, all speaks about the great architectural work of that time.Explore the Beauty of Rajasthan - The Jewel in India’s Crown
  3. People of Rajasthan – Being bonafide of this place I can proudly say that people of Rajasthan are peaceful, warm, helpful and are the best hosts, who serve with such love that one can never leave the house with an empty stomach. Though some part of our land suffers water scarcity, then also we have maintained numerous pyaus to serve water to visitors up to our best possible way.

Thus Rajasthan as a whole is a combination of colors, festivals, history, and brotherhood. One can always feel pride when titled as RAJASTHANI.

Article by: Vishakha Shrimali, Udaipur