Rajasthan has that very own unending cycle of fairs and festivals. One will surely find these fairs and festivals colourful and spectacular in the whole India. These festivals provide the visitors with the insight to the colourful life style of the Rajasthani people. The folk dancers keeps on mesmerizing everyone with heir splendid dancing skills , the local mouth-watering food is way better then the food of any 5-star hotel. Some of the main fairs and festivals that are famous  more than anything are listed below :-

TEEJ FESTIVAL:Teej is a fasting festival for Hindu women. It takes place on the third day of the shukla paksh of the Saawan month of the Hindu Calender, which normally falls between late July to early September. This a.festival is dedicted to Goddess Parwati and celebrates her return to Lord Shiv.Glimpses of Teej Festival | तीज त्यौहार 2016, Jaipur

 A large Teej procession winds it’s way through the old city in Jaipur, in which a brightly adorned idol of Godess Durga is placed on a palanquin. Thousands of devotes are part of this procession. It is carries out for 2 days. Teej fair is major attraction for the people. It have a no. of foods and handicrafts and other fun things for kids and elders too.


It is festival celebrated in Rajasthan and some nearer states to it. It is a colourful festival and observed throughout the state with great fervour and devotion by womenfolk who worship Gauri, the consort of Lord Shiva. The unmarried women worship her for being blessed with a good husband, while married women do so for the welfare , health, and long life of their husbands and for a happy married life.The festival starts on the first day of Chaitra, the day following Holi and continues for 16 days. Fairs are hold throughout the 18 days period. Numerous folklores are associated with Gangaur which makes this festival deeply ingrained into the hearts of Rajasthan.

pushkar festivalTHE PUSHKAR FAIR:

It is called Pushkar Mela locally which is held in Pushkar town near Ajmer of Rajasthan. It is the one of the largest Camel fairs. It is also a famous tourist attraction. Some competitions are held there like “Matki Fod” , “Longest Moustache”,and “Bridal competition”. Few years back, the fair also launched a cricket match competition which is played between local people with foreiners for exhibition. Thousands of people go to Banks of Pushkar lake to see wonderful view of fair. A Csmel race is also organised in the fair which is a vast tourist attraction.It is celebrated for five days from Kartik Ekadashi to Kartik Poornima which is full moon day(15th), may be October or November month.

Jaisalmer Desert FestivalDESERT FESTIVAL:

It is a cultural showcase in the month of February in the Jaisalmer city. It is also called the Desert festival of Rajasthan. There we can see many cultural events , camel race, turban tying competition etc. Everything is amazing in the festival on the golden sand of Jaisalmer. There is also some musical performances given by famous celebrities.It was started to attract foreigners who always wanted to explore facts about Rajasthan. You will never forget marvels like the famous Gair and Fire dancers which are the major attraction of the desert festival celebrations. The Rajasthan tourism organizes the Jaisalmer Desert fair . There is tourist help cell to deal specially with problems for the foreigners.

DussehraKota Dussehra Fair:

Kota is princely city of Rajasthan and it is known for its rich culture and colourful tradition. The Dussehra fair of Kota is the biggest fair of Rajasthan which is organised by Nagar Nigam Kota. For this fair many people comes from all places of India to make some business here. The time period of this fair is from the start of Navratri(october month) to the deepawali. It includes all kind of shops like traditional shop, modern shops, kids fun and many food shops are also there. At the 10th day of Navratri , which is called Dussehra is celebrated with the firing of Rawan portrait. All must visit this once with the family or friends and enjoy the moment on the sacred land of Rajasthan.