Friends For Life…..!

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If you have a true friend in life you are damn lucky. Well I feel I have a jack pot having four such friends in my life: Dhruvi, Nitisha, Purva and Juhie. They are the best things that happened to me. And today I’m going to tell the world about my and Juhie’s friendship; but why not of the other three. Well you will know that as you read the article.

When I hear stories of people and how their friendship started, there is one thing common in most of them which is they were either friends and their friendship grew day by day or they met as strangers and grew into friends. But my story is totally different. I read a quote somewhere “unexpected friendship are the best ones”. This quote totally suites Juhie’s and my friendship.

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Have you ever heard two people who almost hated each other change into best friends over time. If you haven’t then here is one. I completed my schooling from St. Mary’s Convent School and 11th class Juhie took admission in Science branch in our school, so we were in same class. There was another girl from her school, who became our friend. And told things about Juhie, which made a negative image of her in our minds. So without even knowing her we made an image of her in our mind and thought whatever she said was true.

Even though we were in same class we never talked to her and was even rude to her, this made her hate us. She was an introvert person and used to eat her lunch all alone. Two years passed this way and we parted our ways thinking we will never meet ever again. But what we think never actually happens. Destiny brought us together when we entered college. She was my classmate and was enrolled in the same branch that of mine. In college we tend to form groups with people whom we already know, so I Purva, Juhie along with three others use to hang out together as a group.

It was after that I got to know what a beautiful person she was. I felt guilty of the image I had formed of her without knowing her, I talked to her ,said her I was sorry of how I treated her in school and tried to clear all the misunderstanding and differences we had. After that our friendship grew and grew. Whether it was good time or bad we were always together. We have all the crazy stuffs together, made a lot of memories which I’ll cherish forever, we have bunked classes together, bitched about people, helped people and lot of such things which we will always remember.

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Our friendship has reached a different level in these five months when we were in Bangalore away from our families. We have taken care of each other like sisters, talked till 2 A.M. in the morning of crazy things like friends, laughed during horror movies at night, made fun of each other, teased each other, shopped together, travelled together and the list goes on but most of all stood for each other when ever required.

Some time I’m amazed to see how our friendship grew from being almost enemies to best friends. My other three friends were my friends from the day we met and became best friends. We shared an unbreakable bond from the start but with Juhie it was different. I just thank god that we took admission in the same college and were able to solve our differences. It has not only given me a friend but someone with whom I can share anything without the fear of being judged.

In the end ,I just want to say , the way we should not judge a book by its cover , the same way never judge a person by what other people say about him or her because if you do so you may lose a very good person for life.