Gavri – The Opera of Rajasthan by Bheel Tribe

gavri-folk dance of rajasthan
gavri-folk dance of rajasthan

Gavri is a religious ritual exclusively performed by Bheel Tribe of Mewar consisting the districts Udaipur, Rajsamand and Chittorgarh. This occasion arrives after the monsoon season and ends within two to three months.

Troupe travelling through villages happens for that occasional period. The interesting fact is that there is not a single women in that performance, all the role of women are played by men in respective costume of female.

Message Conduction

Gavri Rajasthan
Gavri Rajasthan

Faith and devotion towards god Shiva and his wife Gauri(Parvati) is expressed by dance in folk term and Music related to it. Also an induction of love towards humanity, Forests and animals is expressed by Gavri.

Origin of Gavri

Gavri‘ indicates the name of Lord Shiva’s wife ‘Gauri'(Parvati). It is an assumption that Goddess went to her father’s house for long time due to that Shiva was in pensive sadness so Bheel locality danced and sang to amuse lord Shiva.
Bheel Tribe believes that Goddess conduct the message of humanity by entering within the human body. Then this message is conveyed by priest(‘Bhopa’-called in regional term). Feeling factor is that much high that locality believes and feels the presence of Goddess within the circumstances.


Believes and Aspects

As Rajasthan is basin of the colorful world and it is a place of folks, GAVRI contributes as bright color in that Mewar-Vagad region. Bheel Tribe follows the glory of the Gavri by not eating green vegetables and by avoiding an alcohol and non-vegetarian aspects. Even bath is not taken by them and they use to sleep on ground except the day ‘Ekadasi‘.
This skillful performance is played by tribe is that much eye catching and attaching from last one century that strong feelings and belonging towards god are induced within the locality.
Gavri is a precious cultural inheritance for which the open space is acted as stage. Virtual Appearance of God and Goddess, Comic parts, Acts in different costume, character and conveying the messages of humanity are the perspective of GAVRI.


Gavri is a Brightest Color of Mewar’s Locality Evoked by Hearts and It Reflects the Sun Shine of  the Rajasthan.