How to Get a Unique Idea for New Business and Young Entrepreneurs In India

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How to get a unique idea for new business and young Entrepreneurs in India:-For young entrepreneurs it is an obvious question “ how can I get a unique idea to do unique and different from others “

Solution of This problem :- “Everything is new and unique untill unless it feels fresh and young to you and you don’t get board with it.”  The same principle works here you have to work on the main problem of people.

How to Get a Unique Idea for New Business and Young Entrepreneurs In IndiaImportant tips :-

  1. Understand the problems of people.
  2. Understand their needs.
  3. Do research on the problems.
  4. Comes up with a solution or more.
  5. Make the solution relevant to them.
  6. Convert the solution into actual product.
  7. (Very important) Do again research about the product/service and its need.
  8. Find the competitors in same field.
  9. Improve your product/service.
  10. Make the product/service at a optimum cost.
  11. Understand the competitors strategy and their selling plan.
  12. Offer other services like after sell service and support.
  13. Product should have some quality standards.
  14. Promote your unique product with unique ways including social networks and offline promotions.
  15. Increase gathering of people with you and your team.
  16. Check status of your product success and do some important improvements if needed.
  17. Listen the people also if they are not your customer. They can be your future customers or manipulate others to take your products or services.
  18. If success rate is low then don’t think negative. Find the reason behind this.
  19. Improved products or services standard if required or people needs.
  20. Your ultimate target is to sell your product or service to people but do not treat that you don’t want to engage with them or you don’t take care of them.
  21. Talk to people gently and increase your connections
  22. Improve your social networking presence. Build a Facebook page and Twitter account of your business or brand. Also join other social network like Instagram , Reddit, LinkedIn etc.
  23. (Very Important) Get Domain name for your business as soon as possible that nobody can take that and get benefits from it.
  1. Create a website related to your should look appealing and related to your business. Don’t be fooled after seeing other’s website that you should make like that. If you want to be unique don’t copy anything just get ideas and inspiration
  2. Post articles and photos actively on social networks and website.
  3. Provided your valuable experience and knowledge to others. This will increase your connections and popularity. You should join Quora for this.
  4. Don’t buy premium software and tools unless there is no free alternative for them. This will help you in cutting down the expenses There are many free tools available for your needs.
  5. Try to get benefits form various govt and NGO’s platforms.

There are many initiatives taken by the Central and State govt to promote the Entrepreneurship in Rajasthan. The Hon. PM of India Narendra Modi gave a gift to the young entrepreneurs by providing a new platform STARTUP INDIA.How to Get a Unique Idea for New Business and Young Entrepreneurs In India

Startup India has these features :-

  • Tax exemption and no government interference for the first three years for all startups.
  • Credit guarantee scheme will be introduced for startups in the next 4 years.
  • Funds of around 500 crores will be given every year.
  • 80% rebate on filing of applications for startups.Startup India mobile app will be launched on 1 April 2016.


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