Hakuna Matata Festival Is Happening in Rajasthan! Where Are You?


“No trouble, No worries”, with a beautiful meaning in the name itself, Hakuna Matata Festival is on it’s way to Rajasthan to let people enjoy their Christmas and New Year to the fullest. The festival aims to promote tourism and create awareness to support for significant causes. And, for saving Folk and Culture Music, the event is proudly supporting Meghdhanush.

Holding 10.2 percent area of India’s total area, Rajasthan has been one of the favorite tourist spots so far. And, December is the most awaited month when footfall of tourism reaches to 1.4 million in Rajasthan. That’s for a reason, to spread happiness to maximum mass, the location of Hakuna Matata Festival is all set in the desert of Jaisalmer.

If you are also willing to attend, then here’s what you can relish here that every avid traveler soul looks up to.

Music and Dance

The event will cover up a great level of music genres like EDM, Sufi, Folk, Bollywood, Trance, Fusion, and other live performances. So, you can enjoy the beats of any and hit your toes to dance all along.

Mouth-watering Food

With the essence of music and dance, no festival is complete without food. So, for adding lip smacking touch to the Hakuna Matata, there will be a variety of cuisines to enjoy like Chinese, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Desserts, and Gourmet. And, yeah booze too!

Desert Adventures

Sounds fun isn’t it! Well, nothing can be greater than a stargazing in the desert. And, if this is not your pick, then there is a long range of activities in Hakuna Matata Festival such as shopping the ideal range of products to meet up expectations or heading your way to short-film festival exclusively happening in the event on an Indian desert showcasing up over 200+ award-winning films across the globe.

Luxury camping

How about getting a lavish stay at affordable prices in a desert. If, yes! Then, pre-booking is much needed to look though.

Sums up all the excitement in one, this is undoubtedly an event that you should probably not miss. To look up through other details and for booking your tickets for the event, check out below:

Date: 23rd December to 31st December
Venue: Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)

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