Haldighati ( हल्दीघाटी), Battle of Haldighati – Khamnor


Haldighati is an important historical site in the context of Rajasthan, India. Actually, it is is a mountain pass in the Aravalli range connecting districts of Rajsamand and Pali in Rajasthan. The place is at a comfortable distance of 40 kms from the city of Udaipur.

If you are interested in historic battles and heroic deeds of the courageous soldiers, then Haldighati is the perfect place to visit. It is a significant historical site that has observed the battle of 1576. The battle of Haldighati was a huge combat between Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar and Raja Man Singh of Amber. This ferocious battle created amount of blood shed of the heroic soldiers and the red turned color of sand still speaks of those daring people.


It is also world famous for it’s chaitry rose product and the( mud art) Terracota of Molela but Department of Tourism is promoting a private cottage industry by adding his information in Government publication instead of battle ground Rakt Talai and Main Haldighati Pass. The fact is in the protection of administration, this Cottage Industry is creating a new history in Balicha village as the part of Haldighati and doing trespass near National Monument.

The battle of Haldighati

has gone down in the annals of Indian history as one which showcased the great valour of the Rajput troops led by their scion Rana Pratap. The result was indecisive, but the battle was truly symbolic of the raw courage, spirit of sacrifice, and loyalty of the Rajputs in their heroic defence of their motherland. June 18, 1576. Before sunrise, the Mughal army was on the move. As dawn broke, the Bhil lookouts saw the huge force crossing the river and assembling near Khamnor. Pratap Singh moved his men into the neck of Haldighati Pass. They halted, prepared to wait for the opportune moment to strike. The legendary warrior was impressive in his helmet, and chain-armour over a white tunic (still preserved in Udaipur’s City Palace Museum).