Happy New year..!!!


A very happy new year to everyone. ???? ???? ???? Happy 2k17 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope you guys had a blast on New Year’s Eve bustling to parties with their family and friends.

Now, it’s another year, another 365 days to write your story the way you wish. However, no matter you accept or not, we all make some or the other resolutions in our mind that we plan to follow the whole year. But wait, let me stop you here.  Have you took all your resolutions keeping yourself in mind or you just followed the rat race of spending less money, filing returns on time, not fighting with the neighbors’, paying the rent on time and blah blah blah…If these are over your mind then, you are on wrong track girl. Change gear, give your train of thoughts a screeching halt, sit back holding the gear of your own life and think about yourself. Is this the way you want your life to be? Is this the way you want to spend another year of life? Darling, make the beginning of this New Year a new chapter for yourself and be you

  1. This year is for you and not for others. Let’s rewind a bit and think of those days when you used to be just yourself and not another version of yourself where you were meant to please others and not yourself. This year, be you, don’t be another version of yourself. Don’t try to please the world. Focus on what kind of life you want to live and work accordingly.
  2. This year for your mind and soul. There are times when due to the pressure of work and other things, you remain stressed and cannot sleep at night and became insomniac. Let all those tensions go. Make yourself a priority and put yourself first. This year let your mind free from the tension that won’t matter even a day after and bring your soul at peace. Go for shopping all alone, watch movies alone or with friends. Give your soul the thing it demands in order to be at peace.
  3. This year is for healing. You had a break-up last year with your boyfriend; you got into a fight with your boss at the office, etc etc. You fucked up your life last year very badly and that broke you into pieces. Darling, this year scatter all those broken pieces of your heart because you deserve to be loved and meeting some wrong ones cannot break you. You still have a beating heart and it deserves a second chance. You have had a lot and you will be meeting many other in future, however, this cannot stop you from being the strong soul and from being giving yourself a chance to love yourself. Love yourself. Don’t search for another one to love you.
  4. This year is for writing your life’s story– This year is a perfect time to break all the stereotypes and it’s time to write your own story. Be the hero of your own story and not a victim. This year is all about your comeback despite all the issues you faced last year, all the problems that broke you down and much This year, leave everything behind and start writing your story afresh and pass out with flying colors.

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Therefore, be selfish and make this year for yourself, your mind, body, soul, heart. Step away from all those things that hurt you and make you powerless and hesitant, are harmful to the peace of your soul. Because, in the past years, you have tried to be another version of yourself pleasing others. And in this process, you have annihilated yourself so much that it is time to rebuild yourself and be a hero because you deserve to be at peace, you deserve to be loved and pampered. Hence,

BE YOU..!!!