How One Man Killed 4 Million Indians [The Underrated Sin]


If I ask you the name of the evilest man in the history of mankind, the first name that comes to the mind most of the time is HITLER. That’s even the modern day term for villains, the man who hates everyone, the evil and one who defeated him must be a hero?,  he should be praised by the world, the man who saved the world. His name was Winston Churchill the president of England during WW2, the mastermind who led united nations to the victory in WW2.

Bengal famine 1943
Winston Churchill

If you guys think that he was a Hero your thoughts might change at the end of my article, everyone knows India was under the British rule until 1947, but I will be specifically talking about an event that took place in 1943, the event that is never talked about, the event that can be said as the underrated sin. No, I’m not talking Jalliawalah Bagh I am talking about a much more brutal and painful event known as the Bengal famine.

The Bengal Famine must rank as the greatest disaster in the subcontinent in the 20th century. Nearly 4 million Indians died because of an artificial famine created by the British government, and yet it gets little more than a passing mention in Indian history books. What surprises me the most is its time span we call Hitler an evil because he killed 6 million Jews in 12 years, but our so called hero Winston Churchill killed 4 million Indians within 1 year.

Bengal famine 1943
Dead bodies lying on the streets in Bengal (1943)

The Bengal famine was the largest manmade holocaust because Churchill’s policies were directly responsible for the disaster. Bengal had bountiful harvest in 1942, but the British started diverting vast quantities of food grain from India to Britain, contributing to a massive food shortage in the areas of west Bengal the scene was so terrible “Parents dumped their starving children into rivers and wells. Many took their lives by throwing themselves in front of trains. Starving people begged for the starchy water in which rice had been boiled. Children ate leaves and vines, yam stems and grass. People were too weak even to cremate their loved ones.”

A survivor tells “Dogs and jackals feasted on piles of dead bodies in Bengal’s villages.” 4 million deaths within a year You can just imagine how painful the situation would have been.

The ones who got away were men who migrated to Calcutta for jobs and women who turned to prostitution to feed their families.  “Mothers had turned into murderers, fathers into traffickers of daughters,”

Bengal famine 1943
Dead child lying on the roads of Bengal

Churchill could have easily prevented all this suffering Churchill was totally remorseless in diverting food to the British troops and Greek civilians. above all that he blamed the Indians themselves for the famine, saying they “breed like rabbits”. His attitude toward Indians may be summed up in his words to “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” Churchill’s attitude toward India was quite extreme, and he hated Indians, mainly because he knew India couldn’t be held for very long.

That was Churchill But coming to the present day Britain has offered apology to Kenya, Germany has paid millions along with an apology to Israel, japan apologized to china and many other countries have apologized for the sins committed by them in the history but India continues to hide such genocide under the carpet, no reparation and no apology is India a nation that is condemned to repeat its mistakes? perhaps we forgive too easily.

Apart from 2.5 million soldiers lots of raw materials arms were shipped to Britain at no cost. It was the Indian civilian, soldier, labor that made possible the victory of world war 2 for the allies.

There is not enough wealth in all of Europe to compensate India for 250 years of colonial loot. Forget the money, do the British at least have the grace to offer an apology?

And I am telling all of this here because not to talk about them will an insult to the souls of those who lost their life because of British. In the reign of 185 years the British killed approximately 1.5 billion that’s 150 Crore which is more than the population of India today, executions, massacres, famines, plagues were the sources and the souls of 150 crore Indians is ignored by the British no apology no reparation.

May the souls rest in peace.