Jainy Consultancy – Working Knowledge With Advice In Udaipur

Jainy Consultancy – Working Knowledge With Advice In Udaipur

Changing the scenario of placements and recruitments with different sectors of education, this is what can bring substance to working knowledge.”

When you have to work on advice, then you have an option to meet one of the experts of consultation in education, placement, and recruitment servicesJainy Consultancy.

Being as one of the premium education consultancy service, Jainy Consultancy has imparted so many best of results till date in an aspect of students, companies, and jobs.

Here are some of the major sections that are served by Jainy Education Consultancy so far.

Overseas and Higher Education Guidance

Do you know according to Times of India, only 10% of students have access to higher education as per the statistics of 2014?

Every year number of students stays disconnected with overseas education due to lack of resources and proper consultation. But, with Jainy consultancy, you can find out there are lot many opportunities which can take you to higher education and even overseas with adequate information. If you have that potential to cross the international level of examinations like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and much more, it gets easier for you to go for overseas education with the expertise of Jainy Education Consultancy. Along with this, they also provide stable information, visa support, and scholarship programs by abroad universities

Recruitments & Hiring Assistance

There is a keen data recognized that large scale companies and MNC’s don’t have that much of time to select best of candidates by arranging a recruitment drive. Going through a long recruitments process and hiring is not easier in a lot of eligible and non-eligible applications.

And, in the current scenario, recruitment processes are too much time-consuming, especially for higher positions. That’s for a reason; Jainy Consultancy also works as hiring assistants and recruiters for both premium companies and start-ups so far.

Admission consultation

When it comes to the admission process, no one can deny this fact that students have to run a lot for better colleges and to make a choice to best of universities within and outside the country. For this purpose, students give their lot of time, patience, and even get into the half of knowledge.Jainy Consultancy – Working Knowledge With Advice In Udaipur

Finding a relevant college, university, choosing career and course leads to better future opportunities. It not only opens the doors of success but also gives you a chance of improvising self into the interested field even better.

So, making a choice with the professionals of admission consultants and taking a support or proper guidance is no harm when you are confused at your peak point of time.

Jobs and Placements Caretakers

Many students with lower profiles or lack of experience can’t find out the suitable options for Job. Some even miss the placements imparted by colleges on their campus levels. And, this major problem somehow affects the choice of job seeker and fresher, when it comes to their abilities and working potential.

Also, there are many students, who work on the involuntary profiles because of not getting job or placement of their choice. So, to save this state of unwillingness towards the Jobs and career aspects, Jainy Education Consultancy have embedded professionals in their in-house, who guide and find out tons of Job opportunities for freshers and experienced individuals.

Supportive Guidance

Jainy Education Consultancy also has a system where they have been elaborative about their scheme of free advice and support for consultation on higher education, professional course selection, and admission in selective colleges and universities.

Apart from the section of serving students with best of guidance and knowledge, they have a set criteria for companies who want to hold recruitments and not to get into the hassle of unwanted candidates by going through a lot of resume and CV.

Hence, for this major section, it has also been one of the major consulting firms in Udaipur, Rajasthan for sorting out the primary issues of students as well companies.

Jainy Consultancy – Working Knowledge With Advice In Udaipur
Career Consultant and Motivator – Harish Kr Prajapat (Herry)

So, Why are you waiting for your education consultation, here you have a choice to make. Also, for your higher education, reaching overseas for studies, jobs, placements, recruitments, hiring assistance, admission consulting, or just for quick guidance on all the aspects, you can take a look at this option of one of the best consultants firm in Udaipur, Rajasthan – Jainy Education Consultancy.

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Contact: 098870 23344 Or, you can even look for them on Facebook and Google+.