Jaisalmer Fort, Golden Fort, Sonar Fort | Desert Jaisalmer


The Thar Desert in Jaisalmer fort stands on the mountain of Trikuta and also thier is a lot of historical battles happened. Massive stone walls of the fort is made of yellow sandstone. The walls of the fort during the day in the sun there is light golden color. Therefore, the fort also known as Sonar kila or Golden Fort is known. The fort remains between the city and the center of the historical heritage of Jaisalmer as people have come to see the fort.

History of Jaisalmer – Jaisalmer Fort HistoryJaisalmer Fort, Golden  Fort, Sonar Fort | Desert Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer fort was built by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 CE. Jaisal noticed that he was stuck in a conspiracy made by the Sultan to the state to rescue his nephew from Bhojdev. Another important event occurred in 1276 when Fort Jetsi Frustrated by the Delhi Sultan, the king attacked him. 3700, 56 soldiers were climbing tower. 8 year after the invasion of the Sultan’s palace, destroyed army. Batio that time controlled the fort but they did not have a source of strength. Rathore Dodu forced out in 1306 by the heroism of the fortress he was elected Rawal. And then he began to build the fort. But could not bear attacks Rawal of the Mughal Empire in 1570 resulted in the shelter of the Akbar went and made him his daughter in marriage.

In medieval Persia, Arabia, Egypt and Africa, the city played a key role in the business. 3 layers in the walls of the fort is. The outer and lower layer of solid stone fort remains. The layer between the second and the size of the snake-like remains of the fort around. Once Rajpuro beech walls give your enemies over the boiled water and oil was thrown between the second and third wall had surrounded them. Thus a total of 99 forts were created to protect the fortress which were created between 1647 and 1633 92 fortification.

Alauddin Khilji invaded in the 13th century fort and 9 years, he acquired and kept control of the fort. Jauhar during the siege of Fort Rajput women have dedicated ourselves. The second battle was in 1541 when the fort by Mughal Emperor Humayun attacked Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer City
Jaisalmer City

By 1762 the fort was then in control of the Mughal fort controlled by Maharawal Mulraj. Nestled on a secluded fort’s vindictive Mrathao defended the fort. Prior to December 12, 1818 between the Company and Mulraj by agreement was seen as the heir to the king and attack the fort while security was provided to them. Mulraj in 1820 after the death of his grandson took his hands Gaj Singh regime.

British rules soon came the rise of maritime trade on the Bombay harbor, but it grew so Jaisalmer Bombay’s economic situation was fragile. After independence and partition of India had been completely off the ancient trade torture. But in 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, Jaisalmer Fort was certified his greatness. Jaisalmer Fort is so vast that there’s entire population can live within the fort, and still there are 4,000 people with an extraordinary amount of which is the Brahmin and the keeper of the community. They worked under the supervision of Bhatti rulers and since then they have been living in the fort. But as long as people have been growing population of Jaisalmer trikuta also walked down the mountain.

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