Know About Rajasthan Number Plates

Bus with Old Number Plate

Often while going through in the streets we observe many different number plates. We know this much that the initial two letters denote the state in which the vehicle is registered. For example in Rajasthan, We come across the initials as RJ. Now whats special about this post is that after reading it you will be able to crack the area from which the vehicle is registered. Often some of the districts possess more than one area and many initials. So the details are provided below:

RJ-01 Ajmer
RJ-02 Alwar
RJ-03 Banswara
RJ-04 Barmer
RJ-05 Bharatpur
RJ-06 Bhilwara
RJ-07 Bikaner
RJ-08 Bundi
RJ-09 Chittaurgarh
RJ-10 Churu
RJ-11 Dholpur
RJ-12 Dungarpur
RJ-13 Sri Ganganagar
RJ-14 Jaipur South
RJ-15 Jaisalmer
RJ-16 Jalore
RJ-17 Jhalawar
RJ-18 Jhunjhunu
RJ-19 Jodhpur
RJ-20 Kota
RJ-21 Nagaur
RJ-22 Pali
RJ-23 Sikar
RJ-24 Sirohi
RJ-25 Sawai Madhopur
RJ-26 Tonk

Number Plate Details
Number Plate Details

RJ-27 Udaipur
RJ-28 Baran
RJ-29 Dausa
RJ-30 Rajsamand
RJ-31 Hanumangarh
RJ-32 Kotputli (Jaipur)
RJ-33 Ramganj Mandi (Kota)
RJ-34 Karauli
RJ-35 Pratapgarh
RJ-36 Beawar (Ajmer)
RJ-37 Didwana (Nagaur)
RJ-38 Abu Road (Sirohi)
RJ-39 Balotra (Barmer)
RJ-40 Bhiwadi (Alwar)
RJ-41 Chomu (Jaipur)
RJ-42 Kishangarh (Ajmer)
RJ-43 Phalodi (Jodhpur)
RJ-44 Sujangarh (Churu)
RJ-45 Jaipur North
RJ-46 Bhinmal (Jalore)
RJ-47 Dudu (Jaipur)
RJ-48 Kekri (Ajmer)
RJ-49 Nohar (Hanumangrah)
RJ-50 Nokha (Bikaner)
RJ-51 Shahpura (Bhilwara)
RJ-52 Shahpura (Jaipur)

The Number Plates have turned digital now which are fitted from the respective RTO office. Once the plate is removed or damaged, it damages the locks in which the number plate is fit, so as to disable any other number plate to get placed. The Last 4 Digits represent the unique identification number of the vehicle. The young generation have this tendency to spend a lot of money to buy their favorite registration unique ID to flaunt off. The respective RTO offices organize auctions to sell off these vintage numbers.

As You Can Crack Now That This Number is From Barmer.
Guy From Barmer Buys Vinatge Number for His Royal Enfield Continental GT.

The Numbers have become a part of social lifestyle and it works as a style icon for the young generation. The Uniqueness of the number is decides the price of number. Registration numbers as 1,7,9,1111,9999 are most popular among the people. Expensive Rides. Expensive Numbers. Lavish Rajasthan


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