Let’s Dream !!


In this 21st century we all are familiar with the technology, research, and almost every day we came to know about people coming up with new and amazing ideas. We are inventing and developing at so much higher rates that it is very difficult to stay updated with the latest technology. 
We have the technology that was impossible to even assume a few centuries back. 
In few decades we are going to be multi-planetary species, we are heading towards head transplant, we have reached moon and mars, we have reached new heights in artificial intelligence, we all are connected to the whole world every time every second of the day, this list is endless, infinite. All of our lives are influenced by it. 


And all of this was possible because once someone had dreamed of it in the past.
The hunger of wanting more and more and never getting satisfied in what we have, made possible of what we are today otherwise we would have been throwing rocks on animals in the woods and living in caves. All this have been possible just because someone dreamed of it, a will to do something, something extraordinary something unique, something impossible, something that no one has done before us.
We all are born free, free to think, free to dream, free to learn, free to explore but as we age, we all get chained up in the sick mentality of the society. A mentality to live a life with adjustments, get a degree a job get married and die. We start running in our lives with the crowd but still, there is a person in us who wants to learn more, explore more who wants to dream. dream big
Let us break the chains, chains which prevent us to dream, to live a life as we want. Let us dream, dream big. Let us ignite a fire, a fire which burns us till our dream is achieved. Let us inspire next generation to dream because the worst gift we can give them is that sick mentality of society.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Mayank Gupta, Mr. Gupta is a medical student and a writer. He is from Haryana.