Monalisa Camera Club – First Ladies Camera Club of Rajasthan


Now a days everyone stands on the same stage ! No one is on the different path . Men and Women are treated equally in every sector and their is nothing that a female can’t do, which a men can do.

Monalisa Camera Club - First Ladies Camera Club of Rajasthan
Monalisa Camera Club in Frame
Monalisa Camera Club
Launching of Magazine ” Chaya “

Monalisa camera club (Ladies camera club) was started 5 year ago in 2011 by Deepa Sabla, Sadhana Talesara, and Anupama Lodha with 11 Ladies members. They stated this club in the guidance of “Mr. Rajdeep Rakesh” (Professional Photographer). It is India’s second and Rajasthan’s first ladies camera club .The purpose for starting this club was to provide a platform to ladies and girl’s who are interested in photography field. They had also organised competitions like Best Dandiya Pic, Best Diwali Pic, Best Monsoon Pic, Best Funny Faces Pic,Best Holi Pic, Best Festival Pic, Best Expressions Pic, & many more and till now they have 45 Ladies member’s.


Recently, The club had organised an event for launching their first magazine “छाया” at Varju villa 100 feet road Udaipur (Rajasthan) on 12th November 2016, Saturday at 11:30 AM. The chief guests were Mr. Chandra Singh Kothari (Honourable Mayer),  Dr. Preeti Panwar Solanki (Mrs United Nations Personality)   Dolly Taldar & Ghanshyam Sharma. Monalisa Camera Club - First Ladies Camera Club of Rajasthan

About The Magazine (“छाया”)

monalisa camera club
chief Guests Mr. Chandra Singh Kothari (Honourable Mayer, UIT Udaipur )

This Magazine is the portrait of the memories of Monalisa Camera Club. Dr. Shilpa Nahar is the editor of the magazine ( “छाया”) and Ex. President of the club. In this Magazine have details of every member and the people’s who are working for this club.
Monalisa Camera Club - First Ladies Camera Club of RajasthanMonalisa Camera Club - First Ladies Camera Club of Rajasthan The main motive of launching this magazine is to motivate the woman’s of our society.

“If you have it,you can do it”. Only your talent matters this is the beauty of this club” monalisa”.

An another important thing about this magazine is that it is printed in Hindi, So that any one can read it and understand the message of this magazine. If you are a art lover or not you should appreciate the efforts of these women, as your appreciation will encourage them to do such great work in future also.


Monalisa Camera Club
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