Mount Abu Sanctuary, Mount Abu


It situated in the most established mountain scopes of the nation – the Aravalli Hills, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is a standout amongst the most gone to natural life havens in Rajasthan. It was pronounced as an untamed life haven in 1980 and is home to an expansive number of wild creatures, winged animals, plants and trees.

Mount Abu Wild Life Sanctuary
Mount Abu Wild Life Sanctuary

Measuring 19 km long and 6 km in broadness, the elevation ranges between 300 meters to 1722 meters at the Guru Shikhar top, which is the most astounding crest in Rajasthan. The most fascinating component about the stones in the area is that they are volcanic rocks and because of the impact of wind and rain, extensive depressions have shaped on the vast majority of them.

The natural life haven is home to countless and trees. The asylum has upwards of 112 plant families having a place with 449 genera and 820 species. Upwards of 81 types of trees, 89 types of bushes, 28 types of climbers and 17 types of tuberous plants are found in the Sanctuary.

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An assortment of orchid animal categories are likewise found in the haven. A part of the Park additionally has bamboo backwoods. Among fauna, the natural life  is home to a substantial number of creature species including lions, tigers, panthers, hedgehogs, porcupines, Indian bunnies, mongoose, pangolin, bears, wild pigs, langurs, foxes, hyenas, jackals, little Indian civets, wilderness felines, sambhars, and then some. Upwards of 250 types of feathered creatures are found here. The dark wilderness fowl is the forte of the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Best time to visit : April to June and November to February

Opening and shutting hours : 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Kind of Wildlife Safari : Trekking