– How this Startup is making waves in the Desserts of Rajasthan!


Where do you think you will land when the start-up bug bites you in all its glory when there are hundreds of start-ups popping around you.

Such is the story of the evolvement of, the brainchild of Kapil Sharma, a young man born in The Pink City – Jaipur and having brought up in Bhilwara. Kapil and two other close friends both from a different background, who are co-founders of, Dushyant Vaishnav and Jagdish Lohar were attracted towards the start-up boom. But what to venture into was the prime factor which took three months of meticulous recce of the market. Numerous options were penned down so that an infallible idea can be conceived. Finally, they zeroed down to ‘discount coupons’ which was an untouched territory in Rajasthan. 

Launching Year – May 2016 was launched in May 2016.  Initially, the main focus of founders was to make the traders and consumers aware of the benefits of discount coupons. In an orthodox economy structure, it was all the more difficult to convince people about discount coupons.  They were just not ready to foray into an unknown territory.

The initial six months were financially crucial with almost no earnings for this young start-up. The team was feeling the dual heat of convincing traders/retailers about the benefits of discount coupons and also surviving without earning anything.  But as they say, consistency is the key to all success. 

In the month of August 2016 inquiries from traders/retailers started to put in! 

To keep up the good work rolling, the founders of supported a Raindance event in Udaipur.  This was also among the few first ones that this team did as till then the localities were not aware of Raindance theme.  As expected, this generated a good exposure for the start-up. Now the start-up was in a position to start charging the retailers for exposure that they were offering for retailers in fashion, foods, salons, healthcare and fitness. Then suddenly came the demon of Demonetization and everything fell back to square one.  Consumers had no cash to splurge on shopping and the traders/retailers were not willing to shell out cash for offering discount coupons due to a huge slump in sales.

With an infallible idea and equally infallible will, the founders were able to surpass this tough time of demonetization also. 

Those who work hard they never lose – Practical Proven!

offerbaba.inIn January 2017 they re-vamped the website: and again filtered the entire market.  Now exactly after a year of its launch, has a good lineage of paid local retailers and has a huge database of the end consumers.  They have also refined their consumers to limited services like food, salons, and fitness; offering very lucrative discount coupons from local retailers of these services and a larger option base deeply penetrating even to the tiniest of retailer existing in these services. Nonetheless, there are plans to include additional service sectors like fashion, healthcare etc. is not just helping the local retailers promote their products, it is helping them to create a brand value. The founders have the vision to make the tiniest of the local retailer have a presence of its own in their respective sector. 

For the consumers, is helping the teenagers and the youth to explore better and varied options available to them without making any huge cash crunch on their limited budget sanctioned by their parents. The founders have many further beneficial offers up their sleeves to give shape to expansion plans like cashback, referral program, free sponsorships, personalized e-mail campaigns for traders.

They even have plans to promote the traders and retailers tied up with them in local schools and colleges to create brand awareness among the young generation and are also launching their own social media brand promotion schemes.

So, if you are with, you are everywhere in Rajasthan!