Is Sleeping with My Side Good for Health?


We all know that long time of sleep is detracting for physical and mental well-being, yet it turns out that sleep position may be just another essential factor in the exploration of good health. Sleep isn’t such an easy thing. Both too little and too much time to take a nap has been linked to a host of some health issues, from obesity and heart problems to diabetes and mental disorder. And sleeping position can portray a role in heartburn, snore and some wrinkles.  There is a possibility that one thing about your sleep routine is consistent. Although your bedtime changes nightly or you wake up at uncontrollably different times each morning and there is a probability that you have a favorite position for sleep.

Unluckily, the position that you find most comfortable might end up causing health problems, ranging from aches to insomnia. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of common ways to sleep, and find easy tips on making each position a little bit better for you. Read on to see if you should change it up in bed. Figure out your current sleep position and decide what the best and worst for your health to get a good night’s sleep.

Stomach Sleeping

Pros: If you are a back sleeper, who snores and you can’t change to sleeping on your side lying on your tummy could be a good adjustment that can open your airways a little bit, but there are few benefits other than face-plant approach.

Cons: This sleeping position could be hurt in the neck and it’s not good for your back. This consider as the worst position because you have to turn your neck to almost 90-degree angle from your body, while also raising your head and neck up to pillow height.

Back Sleepers

Pros:  Keep from happening neck and back pain, fighting and lowering acid reflux, minimizing wrinkles, maintaining perky breasts and reducing sagginess. Sleeping position on your back makes it easy to your head, neck, and spine to retain a neutral position. No extra pressures are being combined to the back. You bask stays in natural alignment. If the head is exalted, your tummy will be below your esophagus so acid or food can’t come back up. And also falling asleep with this position can help you wake up feeling refreshed than usual. It is the best position for attaining high-quality sleep. 

Cons: Example of snoring is much more common when a person is sleeping in the flat on back position. The doctor prescribes side sleeping as a treatment for the condition because back sleeping is so closely related to sleep apnea. When the sleeping position lies on your backs, it makes forces your tongue to break down into the airway, which prevents breathing and creates unpleasant snoring noises.


Pros: This position is best for your back. It eliminates wrinkles from the face, to break out skins and combats acid reflux.

Cons: Placing your arms up can add pressure on the nerves of the shoulder that can lead to back pain. It is important to take note sleeping in this position can result in snoring.

Side Sleepers

Pros: Sleeping in the side position is good for overall health. It reduces snoring and keeps your spine lengthened. If you are suffering from acid reflux, this position is best for you.

Cons: Sleeping on your side position can cause you to get facial wrinkles. This position can make your breast sag.

Regardless of health advantage, people sleep in the position they find comfortable. By exploring with various sleep positions won’t lead any harm, so feel free to experiment each position for a few nights and look which is best for you. Whatever the positions it is if it’s back, side, or stomach, people may able to wake up in the position that their bodies naturally doze in. Except that a doctor specifically recommends changing, it’s probably best to keep doing what feels right. You have to portray a major role by the sleeping position and the type of mattress in sustaining support along the contours of your body as you lie in bed. Placing some pressure on any given parts of the body can disturb some sleep. A good night’s sleep requires a good mattress, a good sleeping environment, and plenty of rest.