TATA Tigor – The Ultimate Drive Experience


Here is another budget car from Tata motors – TATA TIGOR “India’s first Styleback”. I was one of the lucky bloggers who got an opportunity to review this newly launched car. This event was held in Delhi between 18 to 20 March where 30 bloggers from all over India were invited for the test drive of the car and to review this. TATA TIGOR is the 3rd Sedan by Tata Motors.

TATA Tigor - The Ultimate Drive Experiance & ReviewOn the first day (18 March) all the bloggers gathered at 1AQ gallery and had lunch with food talk. Tata representative introduced about TATA TIGOR features there in brief. There was a Tata’s Twitter studio at which all the people were tweeting and Tata officials were handling that studio.

On the same night (18 March) Mr. Pratap Bose described all the features of the car in detail with the help of PPT.

Interiors of TATA TIGOR

TATA Tigor - The Ultimate Drive Experiance & ReviewTata worked smartly to give a stylish interior look. There is a place for everything inside the car, bottle, magazine, tissue etc. There are 24 utility space which will surely oppose you to making any excuse about the space. Inside got body colored highlights with a premium black finish. There is sensibly designed leg room with hand rests and seats are luxurious to give you a bed like comfort. It has customizable air vents with a premium knitted roof liner.

Another smart work Tata did is it’s boot space. It opens the upward way and doesn’t cover any extra space of luggage. The full space can be used for the luggage.

ExteriorsTATA Tigor - The Ultimate Drive Experiance & Review

In the presentation, Mr. Pratap Bose, Head of Design at Tata Motors described, how smartly their team worked to give Indian market this stylish looking budget car. He said Tata Motors has worked intricately on the styling of the TIGOR, the 3rd vehicle based on the IMPACT Design philosophy. The product is smartly designed on the outside with Expressive, Exciting’, and Extraordinary exterior features. Its lively and dynamic stance exudes the feeling of youthfulness. On the inside, the TIGOR makes ‘Intelligent’ use of space and has ‘Inviting’ interiors and connectivity features that will make owners feel ‘Intouch’ with the world inside and outside.”

tata tigorSafety Features

With having stylish look, Tata has also took care of your safety and include many features to keep your life safe.

  • It has dual front airbags for maximum safety in case of a collision
  • An energy absorbing body structure
  • An advanced Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)
  • Corner Stability Control (CSC) for improved braking efficiency

Other Features

It has touchscreen system with highly broadcasting speakers, video playback, voice command recognition, SMS readout and display for rear parking assist camera. Tata Tigor is equipped with some smart apps for your ease and entertainment.

  • Tata-TigorFor Navigation – NaviMaps
  • Sharing music on-the-go Juke Car App
  • Smart Bluetooth based remote- Tata Smart Remote
  • Tata Emergency Assist app adds to the safety by sharing the co-ordinates of the vehicle and informing the emergency contacts saved in the system in case of and entertainment.

My Ride Experience

tata tigorOn the second day (19 March) we got a call from Andaz Hotel Delhi reception to get ready for the drive. Tata team arranged cars for us out of which few were diesel cars and few were petrol. I liked the petrol one and that had amazing smooth ride experience. Total drive distance was approx 60 Kilometers from Andaz Hotel to Heritage Transport Museum. A support car was assisting us . We were 3 bloggers Anvensha Mukharjee, Lerissa in a car and everyone got a ride with a good distance. The ride with Tata Tigor was full fun with premium comfort. It was easy to climb and taking sharp turns. Gears were very smooth. It was the different world inside where I was enjoying a lot. I experienced everything inside the car which was stated before. After riding for 40 minutes we reached to the Transport Museum which was based on the auto cars. There were so many old and luxury cars. We visited the Museum and after that, we had a sneak. Finally, we reached back to the Hotel and then to the airport to get back Home.

The full ride was a package of fun, enthusiasm, comfort and a lot of amusement. The official launching of this car in India will be on 29th March 2017.

Thank you so much Indiblogger and Tata Motors for this opportunity. Drive and Review here are completely mines.