The Cycle and The City -Jaipur

The Cycle Man and His Photography


The man with his Cycle. It sounds very good if someone discover the beauty of Rajasthani cities with his cycle and here is the man Mr. Adityendra Solanki. It sounds nature friendly but riding on cycle is his passion. He gave a new definition to his photography with his Cycle. Someone said that the real beauty of this earth is the natural beauty we got from it, not the artificial world which is made by us and to keep the earth beautiful this man is a inspiration for all. He is enjoying the real beauty of many cities all over the world with his amazing photography.

About Adityendra 

He is basically a hospitality graduate, worked in hospitality industry for 4 years and later when He moved back to India, He decided to make photography his profession. Now He is Jaipur based full time photographer and takes project all around the world, mainly Australia and France.

The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
Vidhansabha -Jaipur

He love Photography, reading, writing; travelling, cycling and meeting new people specially travellers.

When He was living in Australia He cycled to everywhere, to his work, to his university and everywhere. For those 4 years cycle was his buddy He loved riding it. Since He moved back to India in 2012 Cycle love was somewhere lost as life got busier and chaotic but He always missed it. Thought of starting it many times but couldn’t, He always had excuses.

Couple of months back He did a month backpacking trip all around the France and been to many cities. He saw people commuting on cycles, everyone love cycle and they are brilliant in preserving their culture and heritage that’s when He decided , he is going to do something when He is back in Jaipur to raise awareness about environment, our heritage, culture and health.

Right now He covering Jaipur after that will focus on other cities of Rajasthan, then different states and of course other countries too. Right now He is covering Jaipur after that will focus on other cities of Rajasthan, then different states and of course other countries too.

Here are the some pictures of Adityendra

The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
World Trade Park- Jaipur
The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
City Palace Musuem Gate
The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
City Palace Outer Gate
The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
Hawamahal-Wind Palace
The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
Jawahar Circle


The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
Ajmer Gate
The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
Near Lassiwala MI Road
The Cycle and The City -Jaipur
Paanch Batti Circle

He did photography with his Cycle in many countries like Australia and France and some cities in Rajasthan. He is training himself to ride on Cycle 30 kms everyday. It is helpful in two ways, first is saving fuel and saving earth from the global warming and the other one is he is enjoying his life in his own way, also it makes body healthy. Here is my question to everyone that , is he the only man who can do this? Isn’t it the responsibility of the all humans on this earth? Whose earth is this and do you expect that some aliens will come to make this earth pollution free?

I am very impressed by this guy and I’m joining him in this revolution which is started by the single guy and I want that all should take a lesson from him.

Thank you  Adityendra for sharing your inspirational story with us.

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