Things to do in Barmer

things to do in barmer

Geographically Barmer is the fifth largest district in India and the third largest district of Rajasthan. Barmer which is located in the western part of the state includes a portion of Great Indian Desert (universally known as the Thar Desert). It is popularly known for its historic monuments and temples. In 2009, it became India’s first onshore oil field. Well, in this article you’ll get an idea about what “Things to do in Barmer”.

Meet the God!

Barmer houses numerous temples which attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

Shri Nakoda Jain Temple

Nakoda temple was built in the third century, situated on a hill at a height of 1500 ft. It is one of the major Jain temples in India. It has an image of Jain Saint Parshvanath in black stone. The temple also has an alluring ancient idol of Parshwanath Bhagwan. This idol is considered to be full of magical powers. Alamshah invaded and robbed this temple in the 13th century but failed to steal the idol which was hidden somewhere in a village. Later the idol was brought back and the temple was renovated in the 15th

Things to do in Barmer
Image Source Shri Nakoda Jain Temple

Kiradu Temples 

Kiradu Temples is the name of a series of temples, located at a distance of 35km from Barmer district. It has 5 temples. All these temples have remarkable sculptures and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Someshwara temple is well-known for the Solanki style of architecture.

Things to do in Barmer
Image Source Kiradu Temples 

Rani Bhatiani Temple

It is situated in Jasol, about 158Km from Barmer. The goddess of this temple is worshiped by the Manganiar bard community as she is said to have given a divine vision to Manganiar. She is referred as the mother, or Majisa and people sing songs in her honour. The goddess was deemed to be a Rajput princess named Swarup.

Things to do in Barmer
Image Source Rani Bhatiani Temple

Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple 

The temple is appreciated for the magnificent sculptures and spectacular paintings, located in West Barmer atop a small hillock. It was constructed by Shri Nemaji Jivaji Bohra, dedicated to the Jain Tirthankara Parasvanath.

Things to do in Barmer
Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple

Devka Sun Temple

It was built in the 12th or 13th century, situated in Devka. Devka Sun Temple is known for its incredible architecture. The village Devka holds the ruins of two other temples that house stone sculptures of Lord Ganesha.

Things to do in Barmer
Image Source Devka Sun Temple

Vishnu Temple

It is the most visited tourist locations in Barmer. Though the temple is falling apart, it is still marvelous with its ancient architecture and aura.

Khed Ranchorrai Temple 

The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu situated on the banks of Luni River. It houses a mouldering picture of a Hindu deity which looks as if it might collapse any minute. At the entrance gate, it holds an image of Garuda (an eagle which is Lord Vishnu’s carrier) which seems to guard the complex.

Desert Safari, Camel Ride & Much More at Mahabar Sand Dunes!

It’s a sandy place located 5km away from the main city of Barmer.  It is one of the famous and favorite tourist places for the view of sunrise and sunset. A Camel ride adds five stars to this location as the whole region is surrounded by sandy hills.

Things to do in Barmer
Image Source – Desert Safari

Shop Best!

Despite being a barren land with harsh climate and tough terrain, Barmer is known for its rich crafts, music, and dance. Buy woodcarvings, pottery, carpets, intricate embroidery work, block-printed fabrics and multi-hued traditional costumes with mirror work.

Pay a Visit to the Tiny Natural Treasure of Barmer!

Mahaveer Park is one of the beautiful parks with tiny museum housing ancient stone carved statues. Another picturesque garden is Neemari which is just 23 km away from Barmer. An Old swimming pool is the point of attraction. Now let’s come to the Safed Akhara another garden that offers cooking and temporary accommodation facilities as well.

Ancient Forts: Barmer fort

Barmer fort attracts several tourists from all around the country. It has ruins of old Barmer fort on the top of the rocky hill. The district of Barmer is called Gadh Siwana which means fort. The Barmer fort has 2 important religious places. On the top of the hill, JOGMAYA Devi’s temple is situated (Also called as Garh Mandir). Then at the height of 500 ft. there is Nagnechi Mata temple. 

Things to do in Barmer
Barmer fort

Juna Fort: It was the old palace where the rulers used to live before shifting to the Barmer Fort. It is located about 25kms from Barmer and is quite popular for its Jain temple and old fort surrounded by hills and a small lake. It was built in the 12th or 13th century. This fort is one of the most visiting tourist points in Barmer.

Mallinath Fair the Biggest Cattle Fair!

Mallinath Fair

Mallinath Fair is the biggest cattle fair of the Rajasthan which usually takes place in March or April. It is the best place to visit to find popular breeds of cattle such as camels, cows, sheep, horses, and goats.