Travel Tips for Rajasthan

Top 5 cities in Rajasthan

Steeped in tales of chivalry and romance, and known for its distinct desert landscape, huge forts, and fabulous palaces, Rajasthan represents, for many, the instance India. With the legendary cities of Jaipur, JodhpurUdaipur, and Jaisalmer, engineered by the mighty Rajput warriors, and also the native tribal and craftsman communities, Rajasthan is definitely a
evident combination of royal and tribal Bharat. So today we are going to share our top travel tips for the mighty Rajasthan.

Important travel tips for Rajasthan

1. Best time to visit Rajasthan 

Travel tips for Rajasthan
Hawamahal Jaipur

Rajasthan is extremely hot all year round, no surprise there but the best time to visit would be between October and February. The weather cools down a bit and makes travel more pleasant for you.

2. Duration of your Stay

Travel tips for Rajasthan
Pushkar Lake,Ajmer

Being the largest state of India and encompassing four major cities in it, Rajasthan requires a decent amount of time. You should consider spending at these cities for at least two nights each.

3. Road trip all the wayTravel tips for Rajasthan

Now while you are travelling between these cities, you should consider taking a road trip. Rajasthan has so much to offer and it would just allow you to soak in all the beauty. You will come across some small cities in the way which will make your trip even more fun.

4. Go on a Shopping Spree

Travel tips for Rajasthan

Make sure to have space in your luggage or if it comes to that, carry an extra bag for all the shopping. Rajasthan is full colors and creativity and I’m sure you would love to buy a lot from the beautiful jewellry, clothes, silver, carpets, and fabrics. A lot of things will catch your eye on the way, so be sure to take some time out for shopping too.

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5. Sight-seeing at RajasthanAdventure Sports : Rajasthan

This will definitely take the longest because Rajasthan is a very historically rich city, every fort, every city here has a history. You will come across magnificent forts and palaces with excellent architecture. So allow all the heritage and culture to seep in. So to make sure that happens, get yourself a real guide, one who is authorized personnel with an ID from the Board of Tourism and the Govt. of India.

6. Bon Appetite

Travel tips for Rajasthan
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While you are travelling in Rajasthan you will come across a lot of places to eat, plenty of restaurants, multi-cuisine dining places. But do give the traditional Rajasthan cuisine a try. It is unique and definitely worth a try.