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Jaisalmer ! The word itself depicts the true meaning of the word ” Jaisal Mera Desh. ” Jaisalmer, the place filled with the golden glittering old historical mansions, homes, fort and many more historical places. As October or June arrives maximum people thinks to visit jaisalmer. A thought always comes into my mind ‘why does people choose to visit jaisalmer only? Why not other place ?‘ Well A traveller once told me: “Jaisalmer is a lovely and relaxing place to escape from busy life.” Somehow, I deeply believed in her words, and since then had been eager to explore this wonderland. Luckily, this April, I got the chance to realize this dream with my friends.Why Should We Visit Jaisalmer- Desert of Rajasthan | Jaisalmer Tourism

Every old city has facts to declare and uniqueness to wonder. Located deep inside the famous Thar Desert, Jaisalmer – the Golden City – is one such city. Once upon a time, Jaisalmer was a busy pit stop on the Silk Route, but now, it becomes a mysterious treasure buried in the sand. ” Now, how’s it ? ” I was very curious. No clouds, No birds. There was nothing in the sky. When we came to Jaisalmer Fort with our guide, I recognized that I would have no regrets to come to such a pure place.

As one of the largest forts in the world, Jaisalmer Fort is declared a World Heritage Site. Every part of Jaisalmer Fort is made of soft yellow Jurassic sandstone. During the day, the walls are tawny, and they fades to honey-gold when the sun sets, which makes the fort camouflaged in the desert. So, it is also known as the Sonar Quila or Golden Fort.

Unlike any other forts in India, Jaisalmer fort is actually a fort city with thousands of people residing within its walls. The fort is honeycombed with narrow lanes, lined with houses and temples; and there are lots of handicraft shops, guesthouses and restaurants. There is a charming maze of narrow lanes. ” You need to follow close behind me, or you may get lost ” the guide told us. Exploring deeper, we were inquisitive about the wall painting of Ganesha on some houses. “ This is a special invitation ” our guided explained. ” Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is regarded as the patron of the family in India “. So, it is a custom here to paint a Ganesha to announce a wedding. The couple’s names and the date of the wedding are given.

Jaisalmer Fort, Golden Fort, Sonar Fort | Desert Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Fort, Golden Fort, Sonar Fort
This is a way of open invitation – anyone can come along, regardless of if they know the families involved or not.” This is what I got to know from a foreigner who visited jaisalmer and stayed there for almost 16 days. I was amazed. I would like to add few lines written by my roughly but I hope you would like it and here the words starts for our very own city jaisalmer Alone you stand.most-incredible-whatsapp-status-everHere the words of the poem stops and now let us see the main event which takes place at jaisalmer.

Desert Festival which takes place mostly in the month of January February or in the starting week of March

So many people visits jaisalmer during the time of November and December and never departs before new year celebration. Now let us read about the very famous love story of jaisalmer. So the story is like The Dhola Maru story is deeply rooted in folklore and oral traditions. The story related work is available in prose and poetry as well as in mixed form also. ‘Dhola Maru ri chaupai’ a book composed by Jain monk Kushallabh in 1617, in which he writes that the story is old one. some manuscripts in 1473 also describes about the story. ” is the edited text by Kashi nagari Pracharini sabha.

Why Should We Visit Jaisalmer- Desert of Rajasthan | Jaisalmer Tourism
Dhola Maru
This is a love story of Narwar Prince Dhola and Poogal Princess Maru. The couple is married in their childhood. Later the father of Dhola, the king Nal died and he forgot the marriage and married again to Malwani. Many messages sent form Maru to Dhola but all messages bumped off by Malwani.
A group of folk singers from Poogal visited the Narwar and Dhola learned about his first wife Maru. Now there comes a lot of hurdles from Malwani and Umar Sumar (who was keen to Maru). He arrived at Poogal and Dhola and Maru were united at last.
In return journey, Maru is bitten by a snake and in sorrow Dhola decides to burn himself as ‘male sati’. But he was save by some yogi and Yogini who claimed that they could bring Maru back to life. They played their musical instruments and brought back Maru to life.
Umar Sumar again tried to kill Dhola, but however they escaped from there riding back on the wonderful flying camel and the couple along with Malwani lived happily ever after In Rajasthani folk theatre popularity of Dhola-Maru tradition is very much.The folk theatre of Rajasthan ‘Khyal’ belongs to one of the least researched areas of the arts in this region.I would like to stop my words with a poem..
Why Should We Visit Jaisalmer- Desert of Rajasthan | Jaisalmer Tourism
 “Padharo Mhare Desh, Padharo Mhare Jaisane” 🙂