What is the 4G Network Technology,Why it has high Speed of Internet??


4G technology, read here the what is the actual 4G technology  ?

4g Technology
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3G to 4G faster because of frequency-division multiplexing  Arthogonl (OFDM) principal is used in 4G. It seems complicated, but it’s the technology that available in WiFi, broadband, digital TV and radio is used. OFDM is a technique, which is a lot of data on the same radio frequency is compressed. Simultaneously, it reduces the latency and Interference. Data is fragmented and pieces are sent in parallel to the frequency and therefore increases the efficiency of the network.

Multiple-input and multiple-output, or MIMO is one more reason due to which the speed becomes faster. Normally it lots Antennas both the transmitter and receiver and is put in place, which would improve the performance of communication. 3G after the forth coming 4G is the fourth generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology. A 4G system is to provide those capacities under you, the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) IMT-Advanced (International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced) are described. These capabilities improved mobile web access  potential and current applications, gaming services, high Definition mobile TV, video conferencing, including 3D television.

What is the 4G LTE ? : LTE, short for Long Term Evolution and LTE is a 4G communication standard Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) was developed by and for the speed of the three living 10X networks are made available for Mobile Devices whose smartphones, Tablets, notebooks and is used in wireless hotspots. 4G technologies IP-based voice, data and multimedia streaming is used for the second bit rate of at least 100m-bit and at least 1G-bit second speed is provided.

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