Girl – Who’s she ??


Is she a slave, a worker in home, a rag doll who’s been thrown from one guy to other, or just a material to be handled to someone she never knew.A girl to sit into her home because of other’s henious acts. What the hell you think of her haa? She’s the one whose dreams are considered low. She was born here in the same way any other was. She has got her dreams too. Have you ever thought how a girl feel when her dream is squeezed just like a banana peel by the society who ask her to not do certain things and sometimes even by her parents.Just take an example where a girl is in a mood to feel the beauty of the city at night, just like every other do. But no, stop you are a girl you can’t go! That’s being slave, it’s like a virtual jail! Free India?? Do you really think so? Why so? What will you achieve by keeping the girls jailed. And for how long will the society do so?? Ask those fucking creepy creatures of the planet to kindly control their over excited feelings and fucking emotions. She is not to be tamed! Tame your guys to behave well. Train them well like how you train your dogs. Sometimes it needs to be implemented to humans too.

One fine day I asked my friend to come and stay with me for a day. She denied saying, my parents don’t like it. They don’t allow me to stay or travel anywhere . I was like “Why so”! She said ” Don’t know, but what they always say is travel after you get married, go wherever you want to with your husband , not now” I was stunned at this! And was forced to contemplate at this,where girls are asked to accomplish the things they want after their marriage. As if, girls are just born to marry. When she told me this, I was bit moved and wanted to jot down this particular heart soothing issue. The questions I had into my brain were”What” “why not now” “if you being her parents not allowing her to do the simple things she wants now then how can you guarantee about the husband beforehand” “And why you want a girl to wait for some other to accomplish the things she want now??”And obviously she won’t come and stay or roam with me after her marriage. Like what the shit! These are simple things ,but strong enough to affect the girls. Literally these things are irritating at times. And we girls have to bear this kind of torture in different scenarios of our life on daily basis. Even if some seminar is organized in some other state, the parents think twice before allowing the girls to attend. Education and dream achievement is bit hard for the girls because of these mindsets of citizens of our country.

Hoping the mindsets changes of the society and of certain parents too. They should better know , its guys who need to be taught. You start it from your boy and there will be the better place to live for your girl too. And there’s an end to every bondage and this will definitely end too. Don’t dare scare any girl with your micro mindset. And you girl never ever let anyone be the hindrance of your dreams and the things you want to achieve. You never know , there might be the day where girls will be so superior to scare, every damn species existing here. She is everything ,she can do anything! You man never underestimate a women in anyway. Her power is far beyond a coward man making her fell inferior and far beyond any brief description say..

The beautiful article written by Kritika Agarwal

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