Why do the worship of Goddess Durga in Navaratri Know Scientific Scientology

Maa Durga

Why the sadhna in Navaratri period? This question can easily arise in the minds of today’s younger generation. To make life easy, calm, stress-free and fun, to get rid of grief. Indeed, the main reason for today’s miseries is the inefficiency. The beliefs of the person’s life have been disturbed.

The stress caused by unintentional thinking is becoming explosive. True happiness and fame are visible somewhere in the form of exceptions. Everyone has a lack of complaint. Whether there is a lack of money, whether of physical strength or mental power and balance.

Today the person is sad, lifeless. Each emotional person wants freedom from these horrendous problems. How will salvation be found? Undoubtedly, by the power of power.

navratriPositive waves of contemplation flow

Navaratri also offers the power of empowerment from time to meditation. In other words, this bela of change of season is virtually accumulating power through sadhana. For the spiritual progress, there is no obligation for any particular occasion, but the treatment done in Navaratri Bella accelerates with the help of the resolution force and increases the supremacy of the seeker.

Waves giving a positive turn to the contemplation flow also arise in these nine days. In this particular period of nine days, when the Goddess’s power in the environment rages, the conceptual practice can be achieved and miraculous results can be obtained from that.

Do the ultimate conscious irrigated

For the accumulation of power, ‘Sadhna’ is necessary. Sadhana senses restraint, control anger and concentration of mind. If we learn to control them then we will solve all the problems of life. Even though it is as easy to say as simple as possible, the thread of title Samskara and greed-attachment of Chitta are the biggest obstacles in our path of spiritual progress, on which Vijay can be found only through the regular and continuous practice of meditation.

Practices made with internal firmness will not only diagnose emotional imbalance but will also increase the inner strength of the mind. With this determination of consolidated power becomes a strong medium of spiritual and personal development and self-realization. Take advantage of this divine sadhana and congratulate you with other auspicious combination and environmental adaptations.