The World Famous – Nau Chauki Paal


Rajsamand sightseeing nine Choki name is taken primarily. It can be defined simply that we add here the remains of nine of every artwork. Here are the features, that all nine of the stairs is a large post or paneling. The lack of maintenance on the three arches were made whole now only one remaining, the pylon is made of nine Pththron joint. Hinduism is the tremendous importance of the nine points, are nine planets are to say that they are, they are nine days of Navratri, the nine gems that also own identity, so it is a living tradition nine Choki…

Dwarkadhish Temple of Kankroli

Here are three Ctriyan Pththron remains that white marble and excavation which has fine she really is fantastic. The craft should be praised as he is short of Ctriyon pillar, along the roof and Bell Butte, elephant, horse, etc., are represented different types of flowers and Krishna Lila. Pththron happened on the excavation is very fine. The beauty and the sparkles in the rainy months arises Jhule given thought, Sukhiya Monday, and on Hriyali moon fills the fair where rural and urban people enjoy the fair. Cthurthy Ganesh immersion of the statue on the right is Ganapati. It also has offices nearby Jlday department and education department.Just now the young chairman of the municipality due to the efforts of nine sail Choki iron railings and lighting system is turned on, and that manner. By the grace of God that this time also the arrival of the rains came, the lake is filled with water.