10 Things You Must know About Rajasthan, Facts About Rajasthan


Rajasthan which is the most colourful place in India and known as the land of kings.In Rajasthan desert spread across hundreds of kilometers and one more famous thing is camel ride. Rajasthan is one of the most preferred tourism place all over the india. So today I am sharing some very important things about Rajasthan with you.

facts about Rajasthan
Amar Sagar

Here are some interesting facts about Rajasthan that will temp you to visit this place.

  1. The first and most amazing thing about Rajasthan is that ,There are many cities in Rajasthan, which have official nicknames. In this first name in this list is Udaipur known lackcity. It’s known by this name because there are many lakes all over the Udaipur and also known as the city of lakes. Second the capital city of Rajasthan “Jaipur” is known as the Pink City Because all the forts in this city is coloured in pink. Third one is jaisalmer is known as india’s goldenCity and Jodhpur is known as india’s Blue City.

2.  As Everyone knows that Rajasthan Does have vast desert, which is known as “thar    desert” near jaisalmer, it also have lots of greenery in many cities and yes the first name  come in this line is Udaipur.

facts about Rajasthan
Deserts of Thar

3. There are many beautiful fields in the middle of the state. When travelling from city to city  in Rajasthan you will come across fields of maize, ground nuts, pulses, and other oil seeds.

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4. At the time of monsoons the state looks magnificent . one can see greenery all over and  that makes the Rajasthan the most beautiful city of the country.facts about Rajasthan

5. you will have in peals of laughter when you see Message on the back of the trucks.The  cabes in Rajasthan will become heaven for you if you are a lover of old songs. Taxi drivers  have variety of collections of old songs as well as Rajasthan Songs and trust me that their  playlist will take you back in time.

6. You will see  Women in ghunghats (veil) and men in turbans and they will please you with    their hospitality. They will welcome you with open hears and ask you for meal also if you    visit their home and unless you drink some water they will not allow you to leave.


7. At one side Rajasthan is a desert there are many beautiful place like fatehsagar lake      Udaipur, almahal in Jaipur, Pushkar Lake in Ajmer and of course Chambal River near Kota and   many forts also. And the one of most famous place hill station MountAbu.

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8. An annual five day fair is organize in Pushker town which is known as Pushker Mela is one  of the biggest fair in rajasthan. It has become tourist attraction in the last few years.

9. Daal, Bati, Churma is the famous food of Rajasthan.food

10. You liked all these facts (its the 10th and most important fact)

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