Ajmer Launched first Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine


 Ajmer Launched first Sanitary Napkins Vending MachineAjmer Launched first Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine

Ajmer Launched first Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine-In order to promote healthy practices among women, Ajmer launched the ‘Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine’, at ‘Janana hospital’ on Wednesday. About 70 such machines will come up at various places including jails, bus stand, polytechnic colleges, schools and other areas in the coming days. Ajmer district became first in the country to have these machines in that quantity.

District collector Gaurav Goyal was elated to see a large number of women coming at Janana hospital to use the machine.

 Ajmer Launched first Sanitary Napkins Vending MachineNineteen-year-old Rajkumari, a girl from Lavera village near Naseerbad, who was the first user of the vending machine was happy with the facility. “Many times it is difficult to get it from the medical shop or other stores as it is something related to your privacy. It is a good initiative,” she said.

Elaborating more on the initiative, Goyal said, “In view of the stigma and social taboo associated with sanitary napkins, majority of the girls/women, feel embarrassed and hesitate to go to the commonly known outlets for sanitary napkins, manned and often crowded by men, resulting in unsafe practices, and use of unhygienic materials during menstrual periods. Thus, vending machine would be a good solution.”

“We have ordered for 70 such machines in total which would be installed at girl’s colleges, schools, Women Polytechnic College, Jail and other parts of the district. More such machines would be installed at Beawar, Kishangarh and Naseerabad areas,” Goyal added.

“Every week we will get 10 machines and will install at various places,” he added.

Asked why it was needed, he said, “First of all it ensures 24X7 availability and eliminates manual interaction for the purchases and stigma. A girl or women who need it will have to put Rs 10 in the machine and will get 3 pads. Likewise Vending machine is an effective and convenient mode for any time access items like Sanitary Napkins and several other essential items. The objective of this initiative is to contribute to promote safe & hygienic sanitary practices among women/girls.”

 Ajmer Launched first Sanitary Napkins Vending MachineAlso in order to solve the problem of disposal of safe napkins ‘Sanitary Napkin Incinerators’ are attached with these vending machines.

These machines have been manufactured by Hindustan Lifecare Limited (formerly Hindustan Latex Limited) (HLL), a government of India initiative.

Mohan Das Nair, Deputy General manager, HLL Lifecare Ltd, said, “Ajmer is the first district of the country to launch these machines on such a large scale and at such variety of locations.

 Ajmer Launched first Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine
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