Alwar Railway Station


Alwar Railway Station

Alwar Junction (AWR) Alwar railway station is an important railway station due to Alwar tourists spots and military cantoment near Alwar. It is well connected Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Delhi, Bhuj, Jammu, Haridwar. Well connected with all cityof Rajasthan


Train Passing Through Alwar Junction


Train Name / Number







Alwar Shtbdi Sp (04041)08:3408:362 min
Alwar Shtbdi Sp (04042)19:3919:412 min
Hw Aii Special (09639)04:4304:452 min
Aii Hw Special (09640)00:2000:222 min
Alwar Shtbdi (12015)08:3408:362 min
Alwar Shtbdi (12016)19:3919:412 min
Dee Bdts G Rath (12215)11:4411:462 min
Dee Garibrath (12216)09:1409:162 min
Aii Jat Express (12413)18:4718:492 min
Jammu Aii Exp (12414)07:1407:162 min
Mandor Express (12461)23:4823:502 min
Mandor Express (12462)02:5202:542 min
Rajsthn S Krant (12463)00:4900:512 min
Rjsthn S Krnti (12464)02:2302:252 min
Ashram Express (12915)06:3806:402 min
Ashram Express (12916)17:4617:482 min
Jp Cdg G Rath (12983)22:1622:182 min
Cdg Jp G Rath (12984)04:5604:582 min
Dli Jsm Express (14059)20:5620:582 min
Jsm Dli Express (14060)07:2007:222 min
Ala Hazrat Exp (14311)14:4914:512 min
Ala Hazrat Exp (14312)10:1910:212 min
Be Bhuj Exp (14321)14:4914:512 min
Bareilly Expres (14322)10:1910:212 min
Garib Nawaj Exp (15715)16:1916:201 min
Garib Nawaj Exp (15716)15:4915:512 min
Haridwar Mail (19105)01:2801:302 min
Hw Adi Mail (19106)01:2901:312 min
Delhi Sr Expres (19263)15:4915:512 min
Dee Porbndr Exp (19264)11:0711:092 min
Pbr Motihari Ex (19269)15:4915:512 min
Uttaranchal Exp (19565)05:5405:562 min
Uttaranchal Exp (19566)16:1816:202 min
Jaipur Asr Exp (19771)22:1622:182 min
Asr Jaipur Exp (19772)04:5604:582 min
Jp Asr Express (19781)22:1622:182 min
Asr Jp Express (19782)04:5604:582 min
Rjsthn S Krnti (22464)02:2302:252 min
Malani Exp (24060)07:1707:192 min