Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer – Best Time To Visit

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer, situated in the north-west of the city, Is an artificial lake and situated near to Ajmer Bus stand, was created in the 12th century by building a dam across the river Luni for domestic water supply. The lake’s water- spread area varies between 97 and 182 ha, and the depth ranges from 1.9 m to 4.4 m. Its catchment covers 70.6 Nearly 30% of the population of the city resides within the catchment area of the lake.
It is one the most popular lake in the Ajmer and it is one of the largest lakes in the Ajmer City. Ajmer is also known as a holy place due to “Ajmer Dargah Sharif” and “Puskar Lake and Barhmaji Temple” 
Anasagar Lake is highly degraded because of pollution from various point and non point 

sources. The wastewater from the catchment area enters the lake through an open surface drainage system as the natural valley lines have been converted into open drains. There are about 8 major/minor open drains which carry an estimated 13 mld wastewater from the areas surrounding the lake.

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer
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Attraction Near By Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer

Daulat Bagh – This is a lush garden with numerous flowers and trees with sprawling lawns. Tourist can visit  “Daulat Bagh” gardens or Daulat Bagh park is situated at the south-east corner of Ana Sagar Lake. The park is perfect for evening time with your family or friends. You can see here a perfect sunset view. There are ferries also operated from here to reach an island of Ana Sagar Lake so you can enjoy the speedboat ride as well.

The Marble pavilions built in the premises of the Daulat Bagh Garden is the main attraction of the garden beside the beautifully bloomed flowers and tall trees which make the breeze calm and cool. It is the great place to go and take rest while your tour with your kids and family. Becuase here greener is good to see and a spend time. Also, this garden located in the center of Ajmer city. 

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer History

The Lake Anasagar (26°27′-26°29′ N and 74°36′- 74°37′ E), built by Anaji of Chauhan (grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan) dynasty during 1135-1150 AD, is now a critically polluted urban waterbody of Ajmer (25°38’ to 26°58’ North and 73°52’ to 75°22’ East). Later the Mughal emperors made additional constructions to beautify the lake. The ‘Baradari’, a marble pavilion was built by Shah Jahan and the ‘ Daulat Bagh ‘ gardens were laid by Jahangir. The catchment area of lake is 70.55 km2, and its circumference is 12.88 km. Originally, it was a monsoon-fed, perennial, shallow freshwater lake that was 4 built as an adaptation to climate variability.


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Best time to visit Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer

  • Time – Morning and Evening, October and March months( During the monsoon time, so that you can see the up level of Ana Sagar lake and Greener Aravali hills’s beautiful view
  • Opening time of Anasagar Lake – All days of the week, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Allowed – Footwear, Camera, Video Shooting

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