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Bagheri Ka Naka – Nature’s Paradise

Bagheri Ka Naka or Bagheri Dam is one the favorite picnic spot for Udaipur & Rajsamand district’s people but it also becoming the famous picnic spots for everyone and people from the surrounding areas and other districts have also started to coming here.

The breath-holding view of splashing water amidst the marvelous backdrop of mountains will completely engorge you in nature’s splendor.  “Bagheri ka Naka”, flowing with all its might, will definitely be the perfect choice for picnic and weekend plan.

It’s a nice place for family and groups. There is a parking place for your vehicles on both side of the dam and you can also enjoy the tea and snacks along with the fun that you will have here. A real experience of the force of water dropping and yes you can have the feeling of getting water therapy treatment because you can have the water falling on all parts of your body. Sit or stand beneath the fall and enjoy it.

Bagheri Dam has overflowed 13 times in the 15 years since its construction. Bagheri dam is fed into by the Banas river. The dam started receiving water owing to good rainfall in Kumbalgarh, Gogunda and in nearby mountains catchment area. With overflowing, the water will now move towards filling up Nandsamand Dam.

Bagheri Ka Naka has located in the Kathar Village in the middle of Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh Road. 


• UDAIPUR – 50 Kms
• NATHDWARA – 29 Kms

Advise  & Problems

  • It is good to carry your lunch and food
  • No good restaurants nearby, local tea, Samosa, Kachori centre can be found
  • There is no option to change clothes for Women & Girls
  • Parking Issue some times
  • Keep clean the area, please don’t throw your garbages there

How to Reach Bagheri Ka Naka

  • From Udaipur – Take Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh Road Via NH76
  • From Nathdwara – Throughout Haldighat way after that take Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh way
  • From Kumbhalgarh – Be on Kumbhalgarh-Udaipur Road, this place is located at centre of Udaipur – Kumbhalgarh way.

Best Time to Visit

Between the monsoon season when Bagheri Ka Naka overflows. 


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