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Udaipur – a city rich in heritage, history and scenic beauty has been ranked at the 10th position in the world’s best cities ranking 2019 published by renowned travel & leisure magazine. Along with its ranking in tourism sector, the education, startups and freelancing sector of Udaipur city is also growing to make its position on world map through innovative students, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

famous food of udaipurMany of the startups, professional freelancers, techies, work from home individuals, housewives are creating and delivering value across globe from their private spaces only. Gone are the days when individuals have to arrange and invest large amount of money in their businesses, now just with your skills, laptop and internet connection you can contribute and earn through any project across globe. However it’s never easy to establish yourself as a professional and earn in the highly competitive world.

Freelancing” is comparatively new addition in world of employment & entrepreneurship. In traditional term freelancing is about offering your specialized skills to other people or organizations without being associated with any employer for exchange of money or benefits. There are so many freelancers/self-employed in our family, friends who are offering their special skill set for their livelihood. Particular industries like construction, writing, computer programming, music, video production, web designing photography etc have large number of freelancers. 

The internet based freelancing was firstly mentioned in Harvard business review in its 1998 issue as “The Dawn of the E-Lance Economy”. The article discussed about the emergence of internet and outsourcing jobs given to programmers. Currently freelancing is mostly connected to techies, programmers, web designers who are offering their services on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal etc. 

Freelancing has its own pros and cons however the biggest challenge that freelancer faces is the lack of ambience in which they can peacefully deliver the job and avail, discuss the ways to learn and grow. Community co- working space tries to facilitate freelancers by making a space available for them where they can find a professionals environment to work and through collective efforts they can design their learning curve for development.

Collabo workspace is a community of freelancers based in Udaipur to provide a platform where they can meet, network and discuss the common challenges, issues faced by them and get satisfactory answers to the issue. The community also extend workspace in which freelancers can avail work desk facility with….

  • Air conditioned Wifi zone
  • CCTV secured space
  • Pantry area
  • Office equipment
  • Access to meeting room

With new opportunities smart freelancers, techies, work from home professionals & startups are looking for ways to increase their productivity in cost effective manner. We at collabo workspace provide an ambient ecosystem to committed professionals in achieving their full potential and welcome to freelancing professionals to join the community and share your common concerns issues which could be solved collectively.

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or directly mail communitycollabo@gmail.com or call +91-8875210087.



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