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Wooden Street

When you see your dream home assemble together, brick by brick, you feel immensely proud, and a swell of possessiveness, combined with an obsession to make every single corner your own, takes you over. Or if you prefer the urban jungle, then your concrete apartment has to be plush with urban influences, or some urban renaissance pieces. But before you can climb the ladder to seventh heaven, you come across a crucial problem. How to find furniture that not only suits the rooms of your Casa, but also speaks about you?

You can browse around the furniture markets, either online or offline, but that is a big compromise because you are looking for something that comes close to how you imagined your perfect home. And compromising here will render it near-perfect.

How do you achieve perfection?

How do you ensure that the furniture pieces shout loud about your persona?

Sure, you can contact your local woodworker, but the hassle of getting what you want is too much. Adding to this is the morose quality of their work, and the tasteless wood used, which just kills your idea.

And when the legs of a particular table are uneven?

“Sir, you can attach a stopper or a wedge, and it won’t wobble”

That’s their taped reply, with a red-streaked grin from their previous Paan chewing session. Not worth the money you paid the woodworker, is it?

Thankfully, you can get what you want just from your homely couch while munching chips (or Paan, if you are into it), simply by logging into

Wooden Street is a premium furniture house of India, which also provides custom furniture, and a wide array of customization options on their pre-produced ranges. You can go ahead and see what you want from their immense catalogue, or you can get in touch directly with the customer care, and begin the journey of creating your very own furniture.

Contact the team

Of course, you must get in touch with the customer support, because none of us is a telepath, yet. Visit the website and either request for a callback, as per your liking, or drop them a message on the live chat. You can even get in touch through WhatsApp. Once, you have established contact, you can ask the customer care about the current range of the products, and how you can get them modified to your liking, or share your idea with them to get what you want. The latter involves providing them with a base idea, a sample or an image, along with dimensions, and we will get to work.

With your details in our pockets, a designer will start working on them, and create your wooden fantasy, so that you can visually feast on it. Unless you give the nod to move ahead, we will sit in standby mode, ready to make any necessary changes that you want with your product.Wooden Street

On the other hand, if you want to customize a product from the catalogue, then you can use the basic customization tool available on the site, or even give the details on phone. If you prefer mix-and-match of various products, let’s say, the headboard of one bed used over the body of another, then you can request the same, after which, our designers will create the required image and send it to you. As always, we will await your feedback, and only when we receive your approval, we will move ahead with the next step.

Greater Customization Options

When you make a purchase from Wooden Street, you get to select the type of wood which you want your furniture to be made with, along with the finish that it should carry, and, if available, the fabric with which it should be upholstered. Let your imagination run wild here. After all, nobody is going to stop you if your room looks like a set from Disney’s The Jungle Book.

Wooden Street

Always In Touch

Throughout the process of creating a custom furniture, or customizing your purchase, Wooden Street is always in touch with you, sharing detailed sketches, CAD diagrams, 3D models, and progress on it, while you relax and enjoy at every single step of this process. Why, you don’t even need to get up from that couch! Except for bare necessities and any chores that you have to do, of course.

Delivery and Installation

The finished product goes through two passes of QA checks, and then it is wrapped in five layers of packaging materials, to ensure that it stays as is until it reaches your location. With a reach to more than thirty cities, and without any additional costs, Wooden Street delivers and installs the furniture, while keeping your room clean and tidy before leaving. So, all you have to do is open your wallet to pay for it during the purchase. Rest is an easy sail in the calm waters.

Finally, all that is left for you to do is admire your very own furniture that not only fits snugly in your room, but also describes your taste and redefines the façade the room, so that it looks like a part of your life, and not borrowed from someone else’s.