The flamboyant land of sand dunes indeed has a lot to offer. Rajasthan presents you with an array of attractive stuffs and destinations along with an iconic line of lip smacking cuisines. Your trip to Rajasthan is literally incomplete if you don’t taste the dishes. The authenticity of Rajasthani gourmet can’t be found anywhere in India. The awesomeness of rich ghee, milk, and magnificent masalas will surely add magic to your tongue. If this state is in your wish list, then you should keep these cuisines in your list too. 

  1. Dal Bati Churma

Being the staple dish of Rajasthan, Dal Bati Churma definitely tops the list. It is made of wheat flour. The blend of round batis with ghee is so delicious that it curbs your hunger in a fulfilling manner. Dip the crispy and crunchy batis into the ghee and devour in the crispiness of batis in soft ghee.

2.Gatte ki sabji

Gatte ki sabji is one of the favourite side dishes with chapatis or rotis. Gatta is a solid ball like formation made from gram flour and then cooked in curry with an assorted range of masalas.  

3. Gatte ki Khichdi

Gatte Ki Khichdi is a popular rice gourmet of marwaris with the combination of besan. The superb combination of rice and besan melts in the mouth and gives an outstanding flavour.

4. Mohan Maas

Looking for a non-vegetarian dish in the vegetarian state? Then Mohan Maas will come to your rescue. It is be prepared with meat, milk and spicy masalas. The amalgamation of milk and meat stuffed with tasty spices enhances the curry. At the end, curry is garnished with lemon and cardamom. This doubles up the flavour.

5. Laal Maas

Laal Maas is Rajasthan’s very spicy and hot non-vegetarian dish. The curry combination with red chilies, hot spices, gravy of tomatoes, and the stuffed meat will make your tongue turns red. It is the most common and regular dish for Rajasthanis.

6. Aam ki Launji

Aam ki Launji is the renowned instant pickle of Rajasthanis which is made of soft mango with fennel and nigella seeds. Thus, infusing sweetness and a but of sourness to the pickle. Aam ki Launji can be prepared quickly within a few minutes.

7. Rajasthani Chutneys

The fame of Rajasthani chutneys in our entire country is certainly undeniable. A series of chutneys is  prepared with garlic, tomatoes, spices and other ingredients which has the perfect fusion of spicy and hot. Rajasthani chutneys complement rotis, dosas, idlis and parathas the best.  Some favourite chutneys of Rajasthan are Kachri chutney, Lehsun ki chutney, Tamatar and Imli ki chutney.

8. Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri is a pickle that gained fame not only among Rajasthanis but among the other communities too. This is prepared from a wild berry known as Ker and dried beans called Sangri. Both these are locally sourced. The fusion of these local raw materials into a pickle is very appetizing and tempting. This pickle is dried for a while and the taste gets highlighted more. It is best complemented with the rotis and parathas. 

9. Bajra Ki Raab

Bajra ki Raab is a super healthy dish with the goodness of warm ginger juice, jaggery, bajra, and ghee. Bajra Ki Raab is a good dish which is extremely delicious and is enriched with vitamins like iron and magnesium. It is best suited for people with weak appetite.

10. Bhuna Kukda

Bhuna Kukda is a renowned chicken dish of Rajasthan. It is cooked with very delicate and tender chicken by soaking the chicken pieces in local spices and then cooking until it becomes softer. Bhuna Kukda is loved with chapatis or parathas by all chicken lovers in India.

11. Shahi Gatte

Even though there’s a plethora of delicious dishes prepared from gatta in Rajasthan, their tastes vary from each other. They are prepared with different quantities of rice, vegetables, spicy masala and other garnishing. Shahi Gatte is one such dish which is made with the perfect blend of various spices. Seasonally or during the festivals, preparations of Gattas are cooked in most of the Rajasthani households. Other famous Gattes of Rajasthan are Gatte Pulao, Shahi Gatte and Masala Gatte.

These are Rajasthan’s top most preferable dishes which must be tried by all. The lip smacking and crunchy cuisines will fulfil your hunger pangs and jazz up your taste buds.


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