Diwali in Corona
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DIWALI 2020 amid Covid-19

One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, the festival of lights, Diwali is around the corner. For several decades this festival has been celebrated with pomp and show. The entire country is decorated with lights and lamps. Almost everyone, forgetting the boundary of the cast, comes together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. But it seems this year things will not be the same. Due to Covid-19, this year’s Diwali celebration will be a little bit different from our usual way.

No festive events in Containment zones

The covid-19 graph seems to be bending downwards but the base situation is still fragile in several areas. Due to which, the health ministry has strictly prohibited any festive events in contaminated zones and has advised people to celebrate festivals inside their homes.

Standard Operating procedure for festivals amid covid-19

  • The Health Ministry of India has advised the administrations to identify spatial boundaries and prepare site plans that facilitate Sanitization, social distancing, and thermal screening.
  • The crowd must be managed and regulated to ensure social distance and proper sanitization.
  • Events such as Rallies, Fairs, Puja Pandal, Ramleela Pandal, etc. must have restricted entry to ensure proper distancing.
  • The volunteers must be perfectly sanitized, masked, and thermally scanned before starting their duties.
  • The place should be disinfected properly if any person found covid-19 positive.

General Prevention Method for everyone

The government has issued some general health measures to be followed by everyone which includes the following points:

  • Everyone must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet.
  • Face-covers / masks are mandatory.
  • Hands must be washed frequently and the use of sanitizer at a regular interval is advisable.
  • Spitting is strictly prohibited.
  • Contactless payment should be promoted.
  • Installation of the Aarogya Setu App is mandatory.
  • Persons above 65 years of age, pregnant women, and children below the age of 10 years are advised to stay at home.

Ways to light-up your Diwali during covid-19

Although there are many restrictions and regulations to be followed during covid-19, people have found ways to plan and celebrate safe Diwali.

  • Digitization In the era where everything is going digital, why not we send happiness digitally! All those who are staying away from their loved ones and can’t visit them during covid-19 can send sweets and gifts to their family using online resources. You can also arrange family video calls and can perform the Diwali Puja together digitally. You can also arrange online concerts or movies for your family. Try to find innovative ways by which you can minimize the physical distance digitally.
  • DIY Diwali Decorations – Diwali decoration is one of the important parts of our Diwali celebration. But going out during this pandemic is still challenging. We can use stuff present at home to decorate our house, for example, to make Rangoli use turmeric powder and rice flour in equal quantity or mix chickpea flour with rice flour and use these as Rangoli colors. You can also use DIY handmade decoration kits, which can be easily found online, to decorate your house.

The numbers of cases are decreasing now but we should take proper measures to stay safe and should celebrate every festival with proper care, but let’s not forget to have fun as well!!!


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