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Dwarkadheesh Temple : The Haveli of Lord Krishna

The beautiful Shri Dwarkadhish Ji temple in Kankroli Rajasthan, this village situated in the Rajsamand district. This temple is approx 20 Kms from Nathdwara Shrinathji temple.

This temple is managed by Sri Vallabhacharya’s Pusthi Marg. Kankroli is a scenic and peaceful village near Udaipur city. The temple is located on top of a small hill, the other side of the temple there is Rajsamand lake also known as Raisagar Jheel, one can visit the lake after Dwarkadeesh Ji’s darshan. There is also a shrine of Mathuradhish Ji and Chota Dwarkadhish Ji within the temple premise.

The ancient Mandir of Shri Krishna is known as the Shri Dwarkadheesh. The building of this temple is looking like a big house so-called, Haveli. The idol in the temple is beautiful believed that the red stone idol of Lord Krishna had been brought from Mathura. Dwarkadheesh is one of the Dham in the Mewar region of the Rajsamand. Along with local tourists, a large number of followers from Gujrat visit this temple every year.

Once you are done with darshan, go to the right of the staircase and you shall reach Rai Sagar lake. It’s a huge artificial lake. You can spend some unforgettable time there while enjoying the mesmerizing view of the lake which is picturesque, you can feed pigeons and fishes.

There is a wonderful market that is surrounding this temple. You can buy kitchens, women accessories, clothes, and accessories of Shrinathji and most importantly the food shops here depict the taste of Rajasthan. Just outside the temple gate, there are stalls of mouth-watering mint and ginger tea and biscuits.

You need to park your vehicle 2 km away from the temple but being a narrow path up to the temple and in the market, you can pass the way by enjoying it.

Before visit one needs to know the darshan times :

Mangala 7:00 AM
Shrangar 8:15 AM
Gwal 9:15 AM
RajBhog 10:30 AM
Utthapan 4:00 PM
Bhog 4:40 PM
Arti 5:15 PM
Shayan 7:00 PM

After the first two darshans in the morning, it feels less crowded.


This temple is very famous worldwide as it is a place where Shri Dwarkadhish Swaroop was established from Vrindavan to Rajasthan and at that time protected by the Mewar king. This temple and the Swaroop stayed unbroken even during the Mughal time and now this temple is cherished by its believers and followers. Every year or on festivals, the Vaishnav from all over the country come here and ask for blessings. 


Traveling to Kankroli is quite easy as you shall find many tour operators in Nathdwara facilitating the trip. Every day, a seven-seat car would ferry passengers to Kankroli at the time of darshan. The cars usually leave at 4:30 PM. Those who are planning to hire an individual car of a single person or family, please note to visit Kankroli in the evening as morning darshans are not certain. You shall be made to wait for a long time and even then they might inform that darshans were completed inside.

If you visit Nathdwara and don’t visit here than it is worthless, the must-visit temple as big as the main temple and for those who love sightseeing for them there is a lake behind there and lots of bird on the lack side makes the scenes so beautiful, you will spend quality time there.


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