[Updated]Fever of the Hang over of South Actor Rajinikanth,Will “Kabali” Defeat “Salman’s Sultan” Earnings?


Fever of the Hang over of South Actor Rajinikanth, Will Salman’s Sultan will Defeat “KabliEarnings?-Rajinikanth’s most awaited 159th film Kabali has already created sensation with the promotions across the globe, the songs of the movie are already on everybody’s tip of tongue & also are trending over Youtube with views and likes, On the release day itself 1000 CD’s were sold. Rajinikanth’s last film Lingaa failed to impress the Box Office, after which Superstar Rajinikanth struggled for this film for his fans. Befor Released this movie already earn 200 crore.

The long wait seems to be finally over. Yes “Kbali” Rajnikanth’s film is released. Rajni us all the same but the idea of passion Chennai recently came the news that the film was released at 4 am in a theatre Now you will be surprised at four in the morning clashes in the audience came to see the film. According to reports, the theatre was sold out and the ticket window was closed. Those people who were not get movies ticket they created commotion.

 Fever of the Hang over of South Actor Rajinikanth, Will Salman's Sultan will Defeat "Kabli" Earnings?

Rajinikanth fans not get a ticket at the movie posters were torn down in the theatre, they alleged that those were not the owner of the movie theatre, along with the entire ticket Producer given to companies. No tickets at the counter. Whom got the tickets to see the film inside the theatre before he celebrated. Tamil, Telugu and Hindi was released ‘Kbali “Many companies in South India for give a one day leaves for his employees.

Shows how the craze for Rajinikanth fans realize it can be gauged from the fact that half the Rajinikanth fans flocked around 3am ‘Kbali‘ had gathered outside the theatre for the first show of Rajinikanth and his films such that the release of passion in those days, that Kbali today in cities like Bangalore, Chennai and many companies are closing their offices to announce the holiday. So some companies have provided to regular employees Kbali ticket.

Updated Post

Rajnikanth’s movie Kabali will be a big hit , it was known but no one would have estimated that it will break all the records as fast as it has done. Kbali India has released 12 thousand screens, plus movie is released in the UK and Malaysia. There is a large number of Tamil-speaking people. South India has not had a single ticket in the first day of the movie. All tickets were sold out.

“Kbali ‘108 million earned in the whole world. In India, the first day of release the film has grossed Rs 40 crore. The film was released on July 22 in a single day collection of Rs 40 crore in India is lodged. Actor Salman Khan’s film ‘Sultan’ has broken the record.

Kbali Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ and Salman Sultan Both films have grossed more. Aamir’s ‘PK’ movie grossed $ 1418817 in the US on the opening day and Salman’s latest release ‘Sultan’ was the opening day collections of $ 784 194. While Kbali “premiered in the US on the collection of $ 1922995.