Flashback To The Memories – Kota Lantern Festival 2017


It’s been a month and seems like the moments of Kota Lantern Festival 2017 are still intact within the throwback of mind and souls. With the aim of celebrating clean and pollution-free Diwali, the event left so many memories for us as well entire people of in and around Kota, who came up to enjoy the fest with enthusiasm and interest.

Along with the adequate amount of gathering of 1500+ natives, fest turned out as one of the successful events amongst in the history of Kota.Kota Lantern Festival 2017

A concept of Rajasthan Blog, #KLF2K17 was supported by Artans Art Academy. Along with a significant contribution by Mahaveer International We Care (NGO), to celebrate the festival of lights with everyone in the trails of Kota not only made people aware about the environmental values but also brought a smile on the faces that were willing to carry out something unique initiative within the city.

Not only this, many things were kept intact to let community enjoy to the fullest.

Ground Scenes

Organized in the local zone, Kota Lantern Festival 2017 took hype around 6:00 p.m. when people started walking in. Clustered with multiple Game Zones, Selfie booths, Food Stalls, and lots more, festival glowed in its own charm by giving people enormous enjoyment at the destination.

And, to reflect the patriotism towards the city, there was a sign dignifying “I LOVE KOTA”, which was the major attraction for the crowd to have an abundance of photographs.Kota Lantern Festival 2017

Most importantly, with the presence of honorable Mayor of Kota, the event made it’s way more towards the hearts of civilians.

Lastly, to fill the crowd into the melody, a musical band from Udaipur – ‘Desert Rock’, performed with the prodigy of their sound to let everyone have fun while lighting the lanterns and fly them in the sky to spread the beauty within the colors of the evening.Kota Lantern Festival 2017

Lastly, on a happier note, we again wanted to express our gratitude to the youth of Kota, volunteers, artists, and gathering who came forward to make this event unexpectedly triumphant.

Till then enjoy your winters and have a beautiful new year ahead. We will try to come up with more such brightening fests. Kota Lantern Festival 2017Kota Lantern Festival 2017Kota Lantern Festival 2017