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Furniture that fits in your home!!

Home furniture is the most complex task to accomplish when you are planning your new home. Buying a home can be termed as an easy task when compared to settling up with the home furniture and syncing them with home interior. It would not be wrong if we say so, furniture changes the face of our home. You customize your home interior and décor with the desired furniture. As furniture is purely the reflection of your attitude and style. Nowadays, people prefer to style and sustain a theme for their home. The theme is the new normal, and modern furniture is the need of every home. However, interior designer maintains the theme with the best furniture design in sync to match up with the home décor. But still, the question persists, how to find the best home furniture online which suits your budget as well the home interior?  Saraf furniture bestows the best home furnishing and solution to all your décor problems.

Buy home furniture at an affordable price or update the home furnishing, all you have to keep in mind is the functionality of the space.  Every space has its unique functionality, and the same is to be maintained while buying the furniture.  The living room functionality is entertainment, relaxing, and the art of daily living. While the dining room is a place united for the family members to have their three-course meal. When coming to the bedroom, it’s a sanctuary where we live in peace, a kingdom where we rule.

The living room is the eye-catcher of the dynasty. This room is sneaked and peaked by all the guest members. To set up the living room all you require is the comfortable sofa, coffee table, side table, and Hand-woven tufted carpets. The dimension of the room plays a significant role while deciding the living room sofa. The space crunch is the major issue if you are living in the studio apartment of any metro city. The 4 seater sofa or a sofa cum bed becomes the major rescuer. Also, you can opt for L shaped sofa if you have coromandel style housing. A carpet adds up the aesthetics and lit up the room, as it draws an imaginary line in a living space. The coffee table on the carpet speaks volume and if the table is made up of solid Sheesham wood then you can bag the deal of happiness and pleasure.

Bedroom furniture comprises of a bed, mattresses, bedside table, console table, and many more, all again depend on the size of the space. Bed and mattresses go hand in hand; the frame of the bed should be proportionately equal to the size of the mattresses. People can prefer various kinds of mattresses depending on the sleep patterns, to maintain optimal health, and also the foam suitable to the residing whether conditions. Choosing the Sheesham wood beds will last long and stand sturdy till eternity. To beat the space issue beds are customized and manufactured with storage underneath the bed. A bed becomes the one-time investment and we rarely change here and then. The bed should be accompanied by the bedside table to catch hold of the most necessary things at the time of going to bed or at the time of getting up from the bed in the morning times.  People usually prefer keeping mobile phones, medications, and water on the bedside table. We can enhance the aesthetics of the room by adding up the chic console table and a wing chair on the colorful rug to create a space for spending time reading a book or writing a note or just to spend idle time.

The dining room is an eating habitat where the friends and family come together for a snack or full course meal. We can welcome the guest in a rich cozy space, perfect for settling down the conversation with some good wine and food. As said by ancestors, all fights come to an end when we share food. Selecting the dining table is an easy task if the family members are confined. We may spend a few minutes or maybe an hour in the dining table, but the comfort while having the meal should never be compromised.

 Home can be enhanced with many quirky accessories surfacing around the market, illuminate it with lights, design it with abstract paintings and much more. Make it personalize and make it more of your home. Saraf Furniture is one of the leading online furniture sites / stores, with 45 years of experience believe in making your space a home for living. They provide you with the best of chic, elegant, and trendy home decor designs to maximize your space and bestow the impeccable quality Sheesham wood furniture to decorate your home without blowing your entire budget. They render lifetime termite resistant warranty on all our products and easy EMI options to serve you better. Check out the latest home furniture at to make your home a place to dwell in.


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