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Goram Ghat – A Must Visit Place Near Udaipur

Goram Ghat – A natural hidden place situated near to the Kachhbali village, Deogarh, Rajsamand state of Rajasthan, it is local train station from British India, Goram Ghat is a quiet place and its a good for Family Trip, Group Picnic Spot, and solo traveler in Rajasthan state.

This place is connected with wildlife, Aravali Hills, nature and small waterfalls and It is a wonderful place for nature photographer & wildlife lover, there is 50 feet wide waterfall with a distance of 500 meters. Many rocks and stones are in between waterfall that attracts you to organize a family party and it is the one of best picnic spot in the monsoon season near Udaipur & Rajsamand.

The full expanse of the Goram Ghat nested in the Aravali hills! The afternoon passenger train from Marwar junction passes through the viaduct on the foot of the Shiv Temple towards Mavli junction in Rajasthan. Once home to hundreds of miles of Meter Gauge network which outnumbered Broad Gauge even after the millennium, this has now been reduced to this last stretch of paradise.

Goram ghat images

Goram Ghat in the Monsoon season

Great Aravalli Hills nearby the place. Goram ghat region is very adventures for trekking. the most beautiful trek is behind Goram ghat railway station to Gorakhnath temple top(up) & back down towards Bagor Ki Nal bridge (Prabhu Das Ji Ki Dhuni), Near old Phulad.

Udaipur to Goram Ghat Train Time – Goram Ghat Railway Station

There is no direct train from Udaipur to Goram ghat, You have to take the meter gauge train from Marwar Junction to Goram Ghat Marwar i.e Mavli Pass Mg (52073) and it runs on every day of the week. timings Departure 06:35 am and reach 11:21 am, The rail track to the Goram Ghat was built in 1932 by the Englishmen along with the help of former Mewar’s Maharana.

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Goram Ghat Aravali Hills

The Routes of Goram Ghat

The route is full of scenic natural beauty, mountains, streams, small falls, valleys…it’s just too good. My advice is please carry with you sufficient water, foods, snacks, and travel helping equipment such as DSLR and it is a must.

The waterfall at the end is a sight for sore eyes and bathing in it is hidden heaven! Its Nature lovers will definitely like this, Purely natural place surrounded by valleys & hills. The train journey between Kachhbali to Goram Ghat is itself a great experience.

Best Time to Visit Goram Ghat

The best time to visit Goram ghat is the monsoon season, it is best picnic spot during the rainy season and do not disturb any wild animal. be careful with the waterfalls and it’s depth. Keep your eyes on the kids. July to October is the best time.

Goram Ghat Images

goram ghat waterfalls

Goram ghat waterfalls

Goram ghat photos wiki

Goram Ghat train

So must visit this place and enjoy the natural place with your family. Lets us know in the comments section what you feel there and explored. 


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