Handmade Leather Bags In Rajasthan, India

Handmade Leather Bags In Rajasthan India

Leather – Leather is a material which is created by man through the process of tanning raw hides and skin of animals. If we talk about animals, the leather industry often takes their leather from goat, cow, and buffalo and it also includes snakes and alligators. Leather products are one of the most widely traded commodities across the world.

The Indian leather industry has seen some drastic changes in terms of growth. It has been transformed from raw material supplier to a full-fledge value exporter of leather products. Vintage leather bags India is very popular globally. They are very much in demand.

What is Handmade Leather Bags?

As it states Handmade means a thing that is formed or made by the people, not by the machines.  Handmade leather bags mean bags that are crafted by the artisan. The main difference between the machine-made and the handmade leather bag is the durability. Because handmade leather is cut by skilled people and most of them got decades of experience in this field.leather bags

Rajasthan – In India there has been the tradition of leather craft and it takes back to the Indus valley civilization. The history of mankind shows that we have been using leather in many ways. The modern time handmade leather craft in India has become now a big industry and it not only caters to the local needs but it also exports to abroad.

Rajasthan is a very prominent center of leather bags. The leather market in Jaipur got their field very vast in terms of leather trading. Rajasthan is very well known for its decorated leather items. Bikaner & Jaisalmer produce decorative saddles. There are various leather manufacturers in Rajasthan which can be found in Jodhpur, Jaipur Bikaner and other cities of the state. Handmade Leather bags in Rajasthan have their own uniqueness in terms of making and durability.

Major cities for Leather Productions in Rajasthan

Jodhpur – Jodhpur has the largest market of the raw material of leather. The raw material goes from Jodhpur to the other cities of Rajasthan for its further manufacturing. Jodhpur is also famous for its Mojari work, and this craft is generally practiced by the Jeengar community. Work is also divided between men and women.

The cutting and the tanning is a hard task so it is done by the men. And the embroidery is a delicate task so it is performed by the women in their community. Apart from raw materials, there are also leather bags manufacturers in Jodhpur which are famous and very well renowned.Handmade Leather bags In Jodhpur

Udaipur – Another city of Rajasthan is famous for its leather articles.  Most of the trading of leather products takes place from Udaipur. There are various manufacturers who export leather bags to the international market. Leather processing and crafting have been practiced for many decades in the city. Generally, leather bags manufacturers in Udaipur makes various types of leather bags which are sold globally.

There are many exporters as well in Udaipur for leather articles. The artisans who have been engaged in this process and in this industry are mostly from the scheduled castes. They are dependent on the making of the leather articles.

Handmade Leather Bags In Udaipur

Leather Business Exposure to the international market – Rajasthan and the other states of the country are exporting leather internationally. Leather is one of the most widely traded Material in the world. It includes rawhide or skins, finished leather, leather bags, leather garments and also leather footwear.

India is exporting leather from its 15 different states. The major market for Indian leather and leather products are the USA and Uk. There are various sellers and manufacturers in Rajasthan which directly deals with the international market through online market places. There is an immensely bright future of the leather industry in Rajasthan, it will surely help in the increase of the economy of the state.

Pricing Structure – Prizing structure varies from state to state and city to city depending on the work was done on the leather articles. Generally in India, it is between INR 2000 to INR 8000 per article such as leather bags & leather jackets, and it also depends on the craftsmen’s skills. And in the international markets, it varies between USD 60 to USD 500 per article as above mentioned.