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Importance Of Inclusion Of Divyangs In Our Society

Why has it become the responsibility of NGOs and other similar undertakings to remind us that we need to treat the disabled/differently abled or the specially-abled equally?

Have we become so devoid of emotions?

Have we grown so insensitive to their struggles and difficulties?

Maybe we’ve hardened over time or become ignorant to all of this. Maybe we’ve become too engrossed in our own lives and its problems that we don’t see anything beyond them. We can say that it has made us somewhat myopic in our perspective. Have you ever thought that there is someone out there who is having the hardest time of his life just getting into the local bus while we cruise through the light afternoon traffic to our favourite coffee joint to meet our college buddies? That someone could be a decade younger to you or nearly 50 years older than you, yet faced a situation that you never thought could possibly exist.

Importance Of Inclusion Of Divyangs In Our Society Disability of any kind is not to be made fun of or ridiculed at or looked down upon in any way. It could befall on anyone of us but the hard fact remains that despite understanding all of this we continue to view it as some kind of a disease. This general perception is the reason why the differently abled population in India feels helpless and hopeless.

Following Are Some Of The Major Challenges Faced By The Differently Abled Population In India


The disabled population of our country finds it nearly impossible to access most government buildings and /or private offices and complexes including other infrastructure as they are not designed keeping them in mind.

Minimal Representation

Disabled people have very low representation in government jobs, politics, and economy etc.

Hurdles in Health Care

People with disabilities don’t get suitable healthcare anywhere in our country. The most significant barrier to health care is lack of affordability and transportation for people with disabilities in India.

Non Inclusive Education System

If you thought that Indian schools are accessible to the disabled population, you are wrong. Our teachers are not trained to help special students and our curriculum is not designed keeping in mind the disabled person.

Stagnant Attitude

Disabled people face constant stigmatisation and discrimination. They often end up fighting for their dignity and equality of opportunities and have to keep on with their struggle for social integration.

Barriers in Public Utilities

Except for big malls that we see in out metro cities, no other undertaking, government or otherwise makes it easy for differently abled people to use public amenities. Even our public transport is not suited for the disabled.

The difficulties faced by the divyangs has usually been an ignored topic. But thanks to Major DP Singh, a celebrated Kargil War Veteran who knew the essence of the human spirit. He recognized it as being the strongest force in the world and this belief of his gave birth to the SwachhAbility Drive. It is a run that carries on the message of equality for all. It encourages us to put out a strong message about inclusion of Divyangs as equals in our society. Needless to mention that the name itself promotes the message of Swachh Bharat as well! JK Cement has been supporting Major DP Singh in his endeavour right from the first edition.

The run is open for school children, professional runners and people from all walks of life including all disabled persons who are now called Divyangs. The point of culmination of the run is where the whole event takes an interesting turn. Every single person participating in this run cleans a designated area spreading the message of unity, equality and of course Clean India / Swachh Bharat. This is the way we are going to inculcate better values and understanding in our coming generations of the fact that Divyangs are as deserving as anybody else. Swachh Ability is where we start not just to promote a newer mindset but also to encourage the idea of a cleaner India and a pollution free environment.

We are including Divyangs in this initiative to rid India of dirt, grime and pollution. Through an activity as this we are coming together as equals and with identical fervour and zeal. By bringing everyone together to clean a designated area at the culmination point of the event, we are working to eliminate all differences that ever planted roots in our minds and eventually in our attitudes.

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